30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 17


It seems to me my legs are getting tired on my training cycle.

I ran a 3 mile tempo run.  It was kind of nuts because I once again for got my Singulair.  I admit it, I actually need it and do better with the whole oxygen intake and output thing when I take it.

Anyway, ran the Tempo, and was not thrilled with my pace, but…in looking at how things have gone pace wise, it was still a faster than normal run, so I’m taking it and calling it a win.



2 hours later, I went and did an hour’s worth of weights work with my coach….and his wife.  His wife is super sweet, but I did find it a little distracting that she was there.  Overall though I actually enjoyed talking to her, which is something new.  She made me laugh so hard- telling me, “You know, you have an entire calendar on our counter.”  So I guess she knows better what the heck I am doing over the next 14 weeks, since my plan stops today…he has to send me more.  He said I was getting loads stronger, which is odd, because he is usually not very encouraging.  I think he is still trying to boost me up from my bad week last week.

I feel good.  I just feel very concerned about the Marathon distance.  So far all my runs have been at the Half or under.  I’m very concerned about what will happen to my pace and my body as we advance into the 15-20 mile runs.  LUCKY me though my pal said she would bike out and give me support.  Not everyone gets that so I can’t wait.


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