30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 12.

Thursday.Kind of a strange day for me.

I actually was unable to sleep on Wednesday night mostly because the disaster of the meeting and life in general was completely replaying through my head. I did eventually get some sleep but it wasn’t as much as I would have liked.

So Thursday, I kind of drifted through work, getting some stuff done.

I did 2 super sets of 3 strength exercises, and then some arm exercises.  Funny funny moment, I was doing pull ups and 2 guys in their 20’s were doing some free weights together, every time one guy would groan, the other would say, “Think of the Latin Hotties man, think of those Latin Hotties”   I had to really restrain myself from laughing.

I was pretty happy with the weights as I’ve been kind of slacking on them.

Our weather was fairly unusual for Florida.  It was raining and the temperature was dropping.  Now, its Florida so it doesn’t get like in the 20’s but…hello, rain, cold, sun going down?

I hit the pool for 2500 yd swim.  I really really did not want to but…I got in and started to count.  It was drudgery.  I just really didn’t have the energy nor the enthusiasm to try to swim fast, or anything, I just wanted to get in the laps and go.

666335993_521995e791As I was turning around, I heard a familiar voice.  I knew someone really fast and a man had gotten into the lane beside me, but I assumed it wasn’t the coach because after my goofy coach always wears a hideous purple cap.  I guess he changed out.  I tried to speed up a little and tighten up the form but I was also kind of pretending to not know he was there….

That kind of worked for a while.  then I heard him call my name.

I thought he was gonna call me out for being kind of Lazy.  No, he asked me if I needed a swim cap.

I was surprised.  I have lost mine and in fact, I do need a cap.

After a little bit of Cap Chat, he looked at me and said, how much left for you?  I told him 11 laps,  which in his mind is 6. I count each length, he counts the total up and back… SO he then looked at me and said, lets do some fast 50’s, Lets have some fun.  I groaned.  I mean, the whole week has sucked and I was tired, and now I was SO CLOSE to being finished.  and THIS?

Well, I did it.  He did some underwater swimming.  I thought it was to make it harder for him, but now I realize he was just watching my form.  I whined,  and I just couldn’t get my enthusiasm up.

We did 6 50’s.  After he gave me some pointers on my elbows.  I do not usually take any advice super well, but from him, it was no problem, I just said, “OK”  and show me what I was doing….

He then sent me to the lockers, and put on his fins and did whatever he was gonna do.  We were the only people in the pool by then and the lifeguard was just doubled over listening to us go back and forth.

I admit, I was kind of annoyed by having to do the 50’s.  They made my asthma flare.  BUT, I gotta admit, just starting to push it that little bit energized me a bit more and got me feeling a little bit better.  Yay for my Coach.  I appreciate him so much.  I do not know how to explain it, but he really has an idea of what will push my buttons and get me going.



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