30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 11.

WOW.  Life totally got in the way of my training.

tumblr_le98jfwSYZ1qzgi6fo1_500This was kind of bound to happen, I’ve been training really hard, and work has been ramping up.

So this week, I forgot the date of a meeting.  The meeting I CHAIR!  There was a ton of work to do for it, and I couldn’t do it all on my own.  SO, when I discovered this, my heart sank.  I did what I could, and actually in desperation, finished off another project just to “Prove” that I was working.  THat actually turned out to be the only smart thing I did.

Today I got up super early and arrived at work at 6:30 am.  I spent the morning enjoying the quiet of the office, and wondering why my Boss never responded to my desperate phone call last night.  She showed up at 8 am and to her credit, She BUSTED HER ASS to help me get the meeting ready.

Sadly, even after it was ready, I went down, and of course you know once you get a presentation up on a big screen, some flaws appeared.  It seems I had completely forgotten to include slides for 2 units of the hospital.  OMG.  I was just beside myself.  I hate doing this meeting, but I’ve never been so ill prepared before.

After the meeting I had another meeting, and at that Meeting one of the Big Wigs from Admin came up to me and asked why she was unaware of the Original Meeting.  Well.  I had thought she was no longer on the committee, so I had not invited her.

Well.  In the end this all worked out.  Our slides for the first part were too complex for people to ask too many questions about.  Hallelujah.  This meeting is particularly long as it was end of year reporting.  SO by the time we got to our missing slides, I just kind of glossed right on over it, and if anyone noted it they said nothing, probably glad to be moving along.

And I apologized profusely to the Admin. lady, and she was pretty nice about it, asking for the minutes of the meeting.

YEAH.  DO you think I may have burned out some adrenaline today?



I guess I did.  I still wanted to try the workout though, because I’m just you know, stubborn.

I did one great 800.  the rest until I quit ended up being 400’s.  Mentally I could not sustain the second time around the track.

I ran into my coach on my way back up the hill.  He told me to decompress.  He said he wasn’t worried about this missed workout.  I AM.  I just hate it when I don’t win my workouts.

Thing is I have also strained something in my groin horribly.  It doesn’t really seem to be used in running, but it can not be good to have it, and it is so tender, I suspect I injured it…though I have no idea how.  All I remember is that suddenly last night, I was like Darn it, this hurts.  So.

I had a strange conversation with the coach.  I told him how much I hate the swimming, and he tried to see if I would prefer cycling instead.  Thing is I know, and he knows, and we agree, the swimming is where it’s at for fitness, stationary cycling is not where it is at.

I think I need this day off I’m been sitting, watching kids cartoons for the past few hours.

Maybe after a good nights sleep things will even out.  I really hate that 800 workout.  It sucks, I can’t do it well.  I need to conquer it.  But not today.


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