30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 9

Today I made a brave move.  I switched workouts around.

On Tuesdays I have a standing appointment with Mona the Massage Therapist.  She is very good at what she does, and is in super high demand.  So to have the appointment with her makes me happy.  It’s at 5 pm, so unless I do a morning workout, I find it tough to get any workout in.  So, Monday was supposed to be “run 2 miles easy”  Tuesday involved 3000 swimming yards and some weights.

So two miles easy is tomorrow.

I had an invigorating day at work.  Lots of stuff work to do and at 4:22 when I would normally be watching the clock crawl, I was shocked and amazed to find it was time to get moving.

I did the 3000 yard workout and discovered, I was really really tired.

I then did what we can call a smattering of weights workout.  What I did do was fine, but I didn’t do a ton.  I could feel my ab’s were sore during the swimming…I guess I used them when running.

Creepy I felt like the coach was watching me at times.  He is always there since he works there…not in the gym but in the Ootpatient rehab.  I really really wanted to chat with him, but restrained myself, because after all, he is AT work.

So now that I got all brave and moving the plan around, here’s my thought.

2 miles easy tomorrow.

Wednesday do the dreaded 800’s workout.

THursday do the Swim and weights.

Friday do  a3 mile tempo

Saturday: 1.5 hrs on the bike (OMG) and pool run one hour.

SUNDAY:  13.1 with Donna…this is a crazy HUGE race for Breast Cancer.  10,000 people.  SO it will be crowded and very PINK.

My friend is running her first Marathon, and I am SO EXCITED for her.  I am doing the half because 13 was on the plan for the week, and I was going up there as her support anyway…

It’s the first time I’ll get a medal for a training run.

finishers_medal_5yr_150I am hoping for a small Post Surgical PR.  My last race was 2:22, and so I am hoping for a 2:20ish.  I have been told not to race it and I intend to simply run the sucker, but, I’ve been running faster, so…we’ll see.

I was going to experiment with nutrition, but I gotta say after yesterdays experiment, I kind of want to stick back with Gu and Power Gel’s.

What do you use to fuel your runs?  What have you tried?  

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