30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 8

The LONG run.

I struggled with falling asleep last night.  I tossed and turned, and had a lot on my mind.  When I can’t sleep I panic and start to have to stop and take deep breaths.  Kind of Strange.  I’m kind of tightly wound, but not prone to panic.  I’ve just been so tired, that sleep is so important.  I was having some pain in the quads, and that is probably what kept me up.

So I got up kind of later than I wanted to this morning.

I was trying a new fuel for the long run.  A UCAN Super starch and Salt Caps with caffeine, rather than Gels.  I had to mix up the drink as it comes in a powder.  In the end it looked as if I was drinking milk.

So I finally made it to the running path, and I noted my friend Lisa who was doing 10 miles had checked in using 4 Square.  I ran with her last week, so I thought I’d probably see her on her way back.

Starting the run out, I felt really bad.  AWFUL.  The path has a little hill right at the beginning, think first quarter mile.  Usually it isn’t a problem, but today going up it I questioned a lot of things.  My main concern was if I could actually do the run.  My legs felt sort of puffy and also like stone at the same time.


So I finished mile 1, and plowed on through mile two, noting that there was a little bit of an issue with mile 2 being too fast.  Tried to slow down for mile 3, especially as it has some gentle uphills, and noted mile 3 was too fast too.

At mile three, I walked and fumbled around with the S-caps.  I do not know why these were so hard to get out of my fuel belt and into my body.  I had pre-opened the packet, and yet…this took much much longer than any GU experience I have had.

I got them down with some of the new drink and started to run again.  Uphill. Mile 4 is just plain uphill.  Luckily there are Orange trees there, they are blooming right now, and they smell so sweet!

Yes, Citrus groves still exist in Florida, right along my running path.

I made it through that area and plowed up the hill to finish off mile 5.  At this point, I ran into my friend running with some folks who do the Galloway run walk thing.  They were just turning around.  Now…my friend is my friend, but these other ladies…well not so much.  They all said “Hi”  but gave me the Look.  I had to do mile number 6 so I went out and got it.  Again at six, I attempted the S-caps.  and Again I ended up getting super frustrated with the difficulty I had with administration of them.  I went back down the hill and up a bunch of hills and was feeling pretty good, but then suddenly I was not feeling great, and I had to go to the bathroom.

So at mile 7 I was back at the Winter Garden station.  It has a restroom.

86d5e83eb13f7a95190710681b889ff6I stopped my watch and used the rest room, and was thankful for one on the path.  Splashed my face with some water and started again. The small rest, combined with a primarily downhill moment gave me a nice time for mile 8 and then for mile 9 I had some issues.  I don’t know why, but my legs were feeling kind of (VERY) tired and since it was a late start, I was HOT and the sun was beating down.

Whatever, I ran well for the first half of mile 9, then sort of failed on the second half.  My slowest mile of the whole thing.  Mile 10 turned out OK, and mile 11 was also fine.  I always feel good when I get this close to my car.  The bunch of Ragnar runners were out en masse again today so they all shouted Hello.  Nice again to feel like some people are friendly.  No “Look” there.  Even though I was fueling, I never felt the usual energy boost that I wanted, and I wondered exactly when all that caffeine was going to hit my system.  SO not sold on the s caps, and UCAN but maybe give them another try.

mile 12 got exciting.  I jostled my Garmin and the display that I use telling my pace went away and it just showed the time.  I knew from experience that the time was still going but, what I don’t know is how to get the screen back.  I tried a few things and then just gritted my teeth and ran.  in the last quarter mile I saw some familiar people in front of me….the Galloway Girls, still at it for their ten.  I had to run right by them as I was unsure when my watch would agree that 12 miles had been done.  I finished…and turned around and was pleased  by the average miles time.

I walked over to the Galloway Girls.  and they all dispersed.  It felt terrible.  I knew they were going to go eat at our local bakery, so I actually had to forego my usual time there. Clearly I didn’t have to, but in a way I really did, they are a large group…and I would have felt bad again.

I note that the people who were my friends when I was slow as molasses, are still my friends now that I am speeding up.  Interesting indeed. I don’t think anyone i particularly jealous of me, but…I find it bizarre that no one can even stick around to say HI…

So thats the end of week one.  My coach kicked my legs asses.  I do feel super tired.  Working on not living the tired life…Oh and I am running in a race next weekend the half marathon of the 26.2 with Donna.  Its for Breast Cancer, so very PINK. I’m sure it will overwhelm me with Boobs.

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