30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.



Today was a day full of craziness at work.  I feel really good about work lately.  My only problem has been having to deal with a very irate surgeon and wanting him to you know, follow Hospital policy. Lucky me, I got support from Admin on it.  🙂

So today was a Miserable Loathsome workout.  THe Yasso 800 workout.  I saw the workout for Friday but because I have been so busy at work, it didn’t click that it was *THE YASSO WORKOUT*  Coach has told me he was not giving me the rest of the plan until we saw how I felt on Friday, but I thought he really meant how I felt.  As in, did my body have some pains.



On Wednesday in our longer chat he sort of said, “I really like that workout as a predictor you know”  Only last night as I was treading in the pool of doom, did I realize he is trying to use my Yasso’s to get an idea of where I am at right now.  So, enter in the addedd pressure to perform….Ta Dah!

performance pressure 004

I’ve never really enjoyed half mile repeats.  They are hard for me to pace, and I usually end up going out too fast, and fighting an epic battle in the last 0.08 mile.  Or going too slow and finishing fresher than I started.

So in order to provide the coach with some data, I took it to the track today.  Sadly I forgot my headphones.  So running in circles, on the “Eurotan Sandwich” track which has a funny odor and I swear leaves a wierd taste in my mouth….with no music, was not super.

I did it however.

I Plowed through those Yassos, with some definite bobbles and problems.   I ran most at about a 4:25 pace, which predicts a pokey slow Marathon, but…not a bad one at all for ME.  In fact, if I see a 4:25 marathon this year I will be thrilled.

At the end of each Yasso, I wanted to either have an asthma attack (forgot my medicine again), or vomit.

So bam workout done.  Times sent to Coach.

NOW.  it is time for a weekend of training fun, and writing reports on MRSA and Clostridium difficile.


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