30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 7.

Much easier than the Yasso’s

I actually had myself all kind of tired out because I thought it was an hour swim, a 30 min run and 1.5 hrs on the bike.  When I looked again at the plan, it was…NO RUN.  Just the swim and Bike.

Turns out I was tired.

I stayed up very late, awoke at 7 am, walked the dog, ate some leftover pizza and at 8 am I went back to bed until 10:30.  Had some good dreams.

Finally rolled into the gym at about 11:30 am.

The swim was really lovely.  The pool has been such a problem that I was dreading it.  There were enough lanes for me to have one of my own for much of the swim.  Eventually a nice German Triathlete asked if we could split it.  No problem.  She did not push, kick etc…the sun was out, and the water was just that little bit cool so that it was really enjoyable.

happyswimmerSo Happy swimmer today.

I then moved on to the bike.  Not such a happy swimmer there. I biked for the 1.5 hours.  I found one hour is within my comfort zone. 1.5 not so much.  I was glad to finish off.

Best moment of the day was running into the former manager of Physical Therapy.  She was just lovely.  She initiated my physical therapy and was extremely gentle and helpful then, and when things went horribly wrong, she suggested the Physical Therapist who has become my coach.

She told me that I was looking great, and she had seen me running and she was so happy to see me running so well.  I smiled and gave all the credit to my coach.  She grinned and said, you know…I’ve had occasion to speak with him about that arrangement…I should tell you he says he really enjoys working with you because you simply do the workouts with a minimum of fussing.   Did I feel Good?  Oh Yeah!  If I was a total PITA, I am sure he would stop, but to hear him give me some praise behind my back…well, yeah, I like it.

It kind of confirms how well we work as a coaching team as well.  I find he gives just enough guidance.  Sometimes I think I want more, but I usually don’t *need* more.  SO Yay.

TOmorrow is the big 12 miles without run walk intervals.  I’m sore from today and super nervous.


Last thought.  My Nutrition is way way off.  Going to address that starting Monday.


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