30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon Training Day 5.


nuy4IC0Today was not a win.  It could have been.  But for some reason everything went wrong.

My day started kind of difficult-ly at work, with a Physician violating once again isolation guidelines.  I am pleased though that I was able to escalate the violation to the Chief Quality Officer, so maybe it will stop.  Probably not, but, it means I am doing my job.  Making enemies.   Anyway the whole day was kind of like this.

Our gym was recently “remodeled”  so it’s very disorienting to me, as I’ve been using the same gym for 5 years, and nothing had ever changed before.  So I felt a little confused.  I did a bit of a strength workout.  The Physical Therapy office is still open to the gym.  And AS I was struggling through the 3 cone touch…He looked worried as he often does now…so who knows.

SO I finished off a fairly light weights work out which is what I am being directed to do now… and tried to hit the pool

Pool was SO crowded.  It’s becoming a frequent problem.  I worked it out with the coach of the masters (who are just OLD in our case, not master swimmers) that I could tread some water in the far end of the pool and all went well for 40 mins.  THen the “Masters” got tired.  and started to accidently push me into things and kick me and in general pay attention.  So I just got out.  I discussed my displeasure with the gym attendant and she actually agreed that there was an issue with the lanes, and the actual kids Swim team was taking up too many.  But by that time I was done done done.

So Not a win.  I am so irritable.  I hope this doesn’t go on for 15 weeks.  I think it is because the Coach seems so nervous…that I am picking up the nervous vibe.  In addition, I know tomorrow is Yassos.  😦

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