30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day 4

Yep I am 4 days into the training.

Today wasn’t exactly the best day.  Work went well, in that I was focused and got most things done that I intended to do.  I was able to enforce policy, which is not fun, and can be quite difficult for me, but today I did well at it.  Unfortunately, my right groin hurt me all day long.  I took some aspirin and wore my snazzy Zensah compression shorts all day under my work slacks, but…it still bothered me.  A hallmark sign of a torn labrum  is that it’s hard to sit for extended periods.  I never had this sign last time, because I worked as an Emergency Department Nurse, I never sat for extended periods of time…

But these days, me and my computer are pals.

and today…that hip just burned all day long.

I suspect the labrum is torn.

HOWEVER…I have had this issue before and I tend to get extremely upset and nervous, only to have the pain disappear completely.

I’ve already decided to train through this if it is a torn labrum, I am just running too well to stop.  And last time, the surgeon explained that I couldn’t make it much worse, so…

currently I am in “watch it and wait” mode.

I did my 3 mile run today and it went VERY well.  I felt pretty good.  I didn’t notice the hip hurting while I was running and I felt Super stable.  Even in the past, when I was running faster, my body usually felt kind of loosey goosey.  Now my core and legs feel like trees.  (As if I know what trees feel like).



After my run , I went reluctantly to do some weights.  I saw into my work counterpart from a much bigger system and peppered him with questions.  Just speaking with him made me feel much better about how things are going.  He also agreed that he feels this job has aged him incredibly.  We had some things to speak about, and while we talked, I guess the coach saw me, because he came on over and made fun of me for talking, rather than working out…

talk-to-the-handMy bad, I introduced them, and explained who my colleague was, but never really explained who my coach was.  It was an odd moment. And my colleague may be left to wonder exactly who this guy was.

At any rate, coach started to have more and more questions.  He is concerned that I’m not going to be able to run more than a 22 mile long prior to the marathon, etc.  And we collectively are concerned about the hip.  He said he wanted to build me up a little slower, and I do think that would have been better, but…this is what it is, and he and I both knew the time involved when I signed up for the events.  SO, I think it’s just time to do the very best I can, and hope for a fun, safe, injury free experience.  We talked for a bit about nutrition on race day, and discussed the possibility of me running a half next weekend as a training run.  He’s hysterical.  He said, “Really you can’t race it at all”  and I looked at him and said, “I know I can’t my legs feel pretty tired.” To that he replied, “heck yeah they are..I planned them to be, they should be feeling totally exhausted.”  So, yeah, they are…I asked him then, “Do I need to do this weight work out?” He told me to just do abs and arms, and I admit it, I just went home and rested.  Apparently this one missed weights session is not gonna make or break the training, so I took a moment!

So…we’ll see how this goes.  The run was nice, it went well, speedy  pace overall for me.


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