30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Training day 2

Well, it’s a Monday.

I dreaded work most of the night and when I got there, it was fairly relaxed, as my Boss was out of the office.  I plowed through a lot of stuff, learned some stuff, was annoyed by a lot of things, and in general felt very disorganized.

When I actually got down to analyzing the day, I have actually finished 95% of the slides for the meeting in a week, and I have found some excellent resources for doing our annual risk assessment.  Turns out this area is endemic for a lot of GI diseases. So, people…prepare your food properly, and we will see a lot less of you in the Emergency Department.

Funny thing is that I still feel kind of Stressed.  I am still seeing stuff that makes my hair curl at work.  And I feel responsible for all of it, but in truth, I merely find it, classify it and disseminate information about it.

I also spent most of the night worried about the plan.  He finally sent the first week late last night.  With this little bit of info…


Im glad to hear that all is going well and with little pain. Over the next four months, be quick to bag a run or jump in the pool instead of on the road, and just run the same amount of time in the water as you would outside. Do the same intensity as well. And of course keep me posted. I always interested to hear how its going.
Also, in about two weeks, we need to change the weight routine up and do less on the legs and be more specific and less fatiguing/beating up on them.
I want you to feel stable, but not wrung out.

So.  I was sort of surprised to see this entire weeks workouts essentially VERY similar to the last 4 weeks.  But, I’m good with it.

Today’s fun was a 2 mile run.  Yes.  That is it.  After all those warnings about getting ready to do pool running (which I already do 1-2 times a week anyway).  I get a Monday 2 miler.  Huh.  Well.  No complaints here.

I found my legs were feeling sort of burny and tired from yesterday, but that I was still able to put forth a good effort.  I am pleased to say I gleefully killed all hills in my way…burning_runner_72-300x300

My time wasn’t too bad either for a short run.

I wanted to talk to my coach, but never even really got a chance to approach him.

I am thinking about running a half marathon in 2 weeks as part of the training.  He will not approve.  I’m in the process of deciding if I tell him, or ask him permission, or just run the race and bury it with my knowledge of it only…I’m going up to Jax to support a friend and I will need to do a 13 mile run (I think) and thus, it would make sense to run the half while my friend  does the full.  That way I don’t get lost in a strange city, I get course support, and yes..I get to see what I can do a little, though I wouldn’t really be racing as my legs are probably going to be feeling stumpy anyway…

Ok so….on that note.  2 miles in the bag.


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