30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Marathon training Day one. Half Marathon training Day one.

Yes…its time.  I started my training out today.  Yesterday I was very irritable, and shared my irritability with a variety of persons…not my best moments, but…I suppose it had to do with a few things.

1. I don’t have a plan, but I have an inkling that the plan I get is going to be tough, so instead of dealing with the reality of it, I am dealing with the made-up fears about it.

2. This fear spills over into other things.

3. I messed up 2 runs last week.  Eventually I redeemed one of them, by doing it a couple of hours later.

4. My job is truly stressing me out.

I had a bizarre interaction with coach man yesterday in which I said, “Hey I have a question for you but not now.”  and he replied “I’m in a class now…”  Email communication cleared things up.  He told me to run 10 or 12 easy.  I think my plan may be weighing heavy on his mind as well.  Sometimes he dawdles at getting stuff to me.  For example, currently, I have no idea what I am doing tomorrow….I’d like to know so I can plan to get up early, or pack a gym bag or what not.

So I did.  I went purposefully out with a friend of mine who I know is running slower than I typically do.  After all, last week I ran 8.  The jump between 8 and 12 is quite a bit, and I didn’t want to get out there trying to run it fast or hard.  Actually I have not run 12 miles since my Half Marathon on December First!

So the run went pretty well with my friend.  Because she is running slower than me, and is running the Galloway style 5 min run 1 min walk, or so, I felt very little pressure to worry about pace or time.  I barely looked at my watch.


She was good company though we didn’t talk a whole lot, and just knowing that she was going to stop and walk took a lot of pressure off. So all in all, even if the pace was not what I would typically want, for a run jumping 4 miles in distance, this was perfect.

It was a super-highway of running and I saw a bunch of runners from work, and a bunch of runners from Ragnar relays out there, so that was pretty fun.

My only 2 concerns now are that my job has got me running ragged…and my right hip is acting like my left hip did before it needed surgery…Still. I have hopes that this is not the same kind of problem.  We will see how this week progresses…


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