30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

16 Weeks Only

I only have 16 weeks left of Marathon training.

I saw my coach who essentially explained to me that it’s time to:



He essentially said, “It’s about to ramp up Hard and Fast”  He cautioned me to let him know if I was having any pains and to “be ready to jump in the pool”  For pool running if I do start to have problems.  My reply… “Is it going to be OK?”  His… “I think so.”

I have not seen this plan yet.  I’m bumping from 8 miles to 12 miles tomorrow which is not exactly what is recommended by any training sites.  My Coach, however, has been preparing me for this, and so far, I have had no set backs or overwhelming injury for 5 months.  Plus, I’m taking the run easy, so it should go pretty well.  I get to run with a friend and I am excited about that.

Not knowing the plan has got me feeling a bit anxious.  When he said, “Hard and Fast”  I got both nervous and excited…butterflies

Can I do this?  Is it going to work out great?  Will I end up hurt?  Will I reach my potential in this training cycle?

Well, we’ll see.

Work of course, is getting entirely in the way of this training cycle.  I’d like to coast along and do my work duties with a modicum of thought.  Sadly, things at work right now are rather “hot”  and I need to focus a lot of my attention there.  I’m still trying to learn my job, and it’s a bit of a difficult one.  As much as I some days do not enjoy it, there are some really interesting things that I get to investigate and think about.  It is essentl to me to keep work and work stressors under as much control as possible.  My main stress is going to be the 2 meetings coming up, and a Risk assessment.

So today…our gym is being renovated.  they had the pool open for a few hours, but nothing else.  They are painting the gym the worst color imaginable to me…


I know people love this teal Carribbean type blue.  Yuck.  So I’m thinking this is a total not improvement, and got bumped from the pool for a Triathlete club that is training down here, and the regular swim team.  I could have swum in one lane but it was packed with people with fins and hand things and they kept kind of hitting me with them.

I just lost it.  I was so unhappy with the gym, my shortened workout, my stressful job, and the ugly color.  I had to go home and really think about what the heck was going on.  I was so grumpy.  The gym attendant was kind of surprised, and was also kind of mad that they had mismanaged the pool area, but I realized that my getting upset over the color of the gym probably wasn’t about the gym or the color.  (though it is hideous).  Soooo I got to go home and think about the stuff in my life that could actually cause me to even make a comment about the color scheme at the gym.

After a bit of thought, I was able to complete the 3 mile run that was on my plan….and move one.

So, anyone else getting ready for a big race and feeling the pressure?  Well, here is my advice.

Get Everything done before you start the training cycle.  Oil changes, haircuts, dental appointments, you name it.  Take care of it.  If you have a big work project and can finish it, DO it.

Prepay bills if you can.

If you can’t get it all done ahead of time, plan for it, and schedule it out.  Otherwise you are going to hit week 12 and be very tired, and wondering why you have to get the oil changed, get a hair cut, and take the kids to the dentist….Lots easier to plan on doing one of those items each week in with the training.  I mean its not a bad thing to do a 18 mile run and then chill out at the dealership getting the oil changed in the afternoon….

As for me.  Well, I still want to see the plan.  Badly.  but I know what I am supposed to do tomorrow.

I’m going to work on Monday on minimizing my stress at work, as much as possible, and focusing…

In Honor of Black History Month!



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