30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And things just got REALLY really real

This was the first week of full on training after being ill.


It was GREAT.

It involved a wee bit more swimming than I would have liked.

I did not look like Mr cool hedgehog here.

Work got crazy, as it has a tendency to do these days, so I also ended up doing most of the swim workouts under the almost full moon.  When one does not really enjoy swimming, there is nothing like getting up early, donning a suit, walking out to the cool/cold pool deck and plunging into questionably heated water.

Polar_Bear_Plunge_20090101_0267Yeah, not for me!   Our pool is heated pretty well, but there is something about doing this in the dark that does not appeal.  On Saturday I had an hour swim, and the outdoor temp was actually higher than the pool temp.  The sun was out.  That swim was totally refreshing and dare I say it?  FUN!

I had a mid week (well on Friday), longer run of seven miles which went fine. I did it with a friend, which was nice as it was (of course) Dark out in the morning.  We ran a ton of hills.  They are better in the dark since you can’t really see them coming!  I think I need to do it alone next week as there was too much difficulty in coordinating.

This weeks Long sunday run was only 8 miles.  I was a little nervous as I was really looking forward to it.  You know sometimes when I do that…it all blows up in my face.howfastitallblowsupIf you want to get educated about the Cincinnati Riots, click the link!

The run went Very Very well.  I actually smiled during a lot of it.  I was able to hold pace a lot better, and seem to have learned to practice slowing down a bit on the hills to enable me to get up them without getting entirely winded….

As I stretched out and got into the car, I had that realization….


My actual Marathon is only 16 weeks away,  I feel woefully unplanned and prepared.  I think these things tend to sneak up on me, and I have a funny feeling it has snuck up on the coach as well.  We have been really focussing on the half that is in April.

So.  Sent him off an email.  Hoping to hear back from him, and planning on a bit of a nap, some tidy up of the house, a trip to the grocery, and then the start of next training and work week.  Ah would that I got paid to train….We’ll see what the coach comes up with…


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