30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Don’t look now, but….

There is a REST DAY on my schedule for tomorrow.

I know. I know.  What is this thing called a rest day?

Well it doesn’t look like this.

person11To be fair it isn’t a total rest day.  I have a weights work out on there.  But no swimming, no running, no spinning.  Just weights.  I like weights as they actually involve very few weights.  Mostly I have a program that is akin to a Physical Therapy Program.  Probably because it was designed by a Physical Therapist.  I do a lot of Body weight exercises, made up exercises, and basic stuff like Planks, lunges, squats.

I really need a rest.  I ran Ragner the first weekend in January.

It was kind of fun.

IMG_0201Here I am with a training buddy from another team sporting our super cool safety gear.  I almost never needed mine, but I wore it like a champ.

Ragnar was Miami to Keys. about 200 miles 12 people, 2 vans.  It was HOT hot hot.  I ran, I slept in a van, in a high school gym, and in a hotel with faulty a/c .  I got sick.  Guess that wasn’t a surprise.  Below is my Team (s) It was fun, it was interesting, not so sure3374_4828854995897_1955841897_n  I wanna do it again.  It definitely did NOT help my training, my job situation or anything.  Bad timing for time off work etc.

So after Ragnar, I spent a week being SICK.  Training when sick is a crap shoot.  Sometimes it’s ok, most times, it’s just better to simply take a few days off and let yourself get better.  Like most people I am afraid if I stop training, I will lose fitness rapidly!  I kind of fudged most of the work outs, doing about 1/3 of what was on the schedule.  My coach “never gets sick”  so he was confused by it… At the end of the week  he sent me this email,

Wow! Not having the luck of the Irish eh?
I’m so sorry you are under the weather.
That really stinks. As far as the schedule, as you feel up to it, attempt it, BUT QUIT WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE It!!
There is no prize for finishing a workout or a string of workouts:)
Lets try to talk today if poss.

Yeah, I was feeling a little concerned myself.

So on Monday I hit the workout hard.

3500m swim…. wiped me clean out by the end.  We had a good chat, mostly about the whole Ragnar Experience, and my focusing problem, which resolved once I actually was feeling less ill.

Then the next day  3 miles running and an hour long spin.  During the spin I decided the coach was actually attempting to kill me, not to train me.

Wednesday I got over that thought, and moved on to pool running.  Admittedly I took this easy. Usually we stick a weight into my swim suit.  I went sans weights, watched the sun rise and really loved it.  Nice and easy.

Wednesday Night I did weights with Coach.  Yikes.  He went kind of easy on me as the last time we did a weights session I had trouble walking for a few days after.  This time, not at all.  I still sweat it up and kind of got the floor all wet at the studio where we work out at.  Some of the stuff I have improved at others, like the dastardly side plank…I wonder if I will ever get any better at…

Thursday: I ran 5 miles at varying paces up and down the Hills of Clermont.  We had a cold front roll in, and it was really chilly and super windy.  I surprisingly ran pretty well.  Once I stopped though I came very close to a full blown asthma attack…seems the sickness was lingering a bit.

Friday: Ran 2 quick miles and Hit the pool again for a 3200 Meter workout.  Irritatingly, they changed the pool to long course so very few lanes meant a lot of interruptions in the swim.  People wanting to share lanes- etc etc.  Long course is better for training, but by the end of that I was tired out.

Saturday:  I swim for an hour straight, run 3 miles and spin for 30 mins.  Seemed simple enough.  I swam and felt slow, I failed the run, getting 1.6 in at a pace I have not seen in about a year, so slow…the spin went ok, but it is after all just a stationary spin….

Today:  I started my long run with a great deal of fear.  I felt kind of “ill” again.  I started to wonder if I had overdone it and I was having a recurrence of illness.  BUt after missing last weeks longer run, I felt sort of like I had to at least give it a go.  I went out on the flattest place we have in the area and it was a crazy run.  The first mile, I felt AWFUL.  My legs felt like they were burning from lactic acid- near impossible given that I hadn’t done anything to build it up.  In general I just felt tired.  I considered stopping the run.  Then I decided just to push through it,  and see what happened.  It turned out to be a pretty good run.  My legs never stopped feeling kind of yuckky. But the pace was acceptable.  I learned a small lesson in that my legs will go on if I just let them, even when things don’t feel good.  This is a great lesson for me as I prepare for Bayshore. I can not imagine that my legs will be feeling 100% in the second half of the Marathon…

After the run I had a 40 min spin out.  It went well until the last 9 minutes when I got sick of spinning.  AH well….some days are like that.

So when I finally peeked at Monday…and all I saw was REST and weights.



I admit, I am itching to race, it’s race season in Florida.  All of my races take place up north this year.  So post Florida Race Season.

I did query coach on running a 10K in February, maybe he will let me.  I just HATE to TAPER!



  1. Danny

    Busy training while sick! You do need that rest, and I really understand why that is hard to do…

  2. Rest Rest Rest

  3. thanks Yolanda…it did me good!

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