30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And Another Change of Pace

Apparently for my Coach…. New Year’s Eve is not time for this:



But a time for:

Business Man Popping Out of a Laptop Computer Clipart


At about 7:30, while I was out having an early dinner with friends, I started getting emails from him…”How is your Hip?”  30 mins later, “What distances are you running in the Ragnar?” a few mins later “Is Sunday a travel day or a run day?”

I kind of thought I’d have one more take it easy week… right.

About 45 minutes later an entire month of workouts popped into the in box.  (So maybe he did celebrate the New Year…just not at 8 pm)

The workouts look really like I may need resuscitation after several of them.  There is more running, longer swimming, some more weights, and really just MORE….image

I’m a bit intimidated by it.   But I usually am intimidated….I also feel like time is not on my side.  I foolishly have set some time goals for myself…and I know if I don’t get them I’ll be disappointed.  SO. NOW is the time to take action!!!!

Let’s hope that I use my time wisely, especially the training time…in 2013…

No more Going through any motions…just get it on…

Let’s all have a great 2013.

Here I am today!  after a club jog!  Ready to work real hard in 2013.




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