30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monthly Archives: January, 2013

And things just got REALLY really real

This was the first week of full on training after being ill.   It was GREAT. It involved a wee bit more swimming than I would have liked. I did not look like Mr cool hedgehog here. Work got crazy, as it has a tendency to do these days, so I also ended up doing …

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Rest day, my foot!

Yeah, Rest AND weights. The weights kicked my rear way more than anything.   Somewhere in the middle of my 15th repeat of the inchworm, I started to feel sort of well…NOT RESTED! Gotta say though it was the BEST STRESS Relief ever. AND.  Bonus!  I used Less assist on my pull ups!  this is …

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Don’t look now, but….

There is a REST DAY on my schedule for tomorrow. I know. I know.  What is this thing called a rest day? Well it doesn’t look like this. To be fair it isn’t a total rest day.  I have a weights work out on there.  But no swimming, no running, no spinning.  Just weights.  I …

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And it all just got really really real again

So by Monday I was no longer on the “Sick List” I was still coughing but it was that “leftover” cough that you know you will have for a while. So I bit the bullet and decided to go whole Hog on the Monday workout. 3500 yards of swimming. For those who aren’t used to …

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Well, last weekend was the Ragnar Relays.  I am 11 other souls made our way running and Van riding from Miami to Key West. It was an adventure. And It gave back… with a vengance. While I was in the Keys, I started to feel increasingly cranky, sleepy, and kind of exhausted.  The very last …

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And Another Change of Pace

Apparently for my Coach…. New Year’s Eve is not time for this:   But a time for:   At about 7:30, while I was out having an early dinner with friends, I started getting emails from him…”How is your Hip?”  30 mins later, “What distances are you running in the Ragnar?” a few mins later …

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