30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Annnnd, I obtain an injury

Oh my.

I have tweaked out my abdominal muscle.  Which one, I’m not sure.

abdominal-muscles-side-view It starts right at the top of the hip bone and travels right on down…into the groin area.  So I am guessing it is

Either the external or internal obliques, or some permutation of my Psoas.  Check out this site, for some cool interactive muscle features…

Anyway, this all started sometime last week.  I did a very long weights session with my trainer and decided the next day that I may have actually induced my own Rhabdo symptoms…  My quads and hams were so sore that I had a lot of trouble walking straight for days.  So I could have hurt it then but had such other acute pains that I barely noted it.

By Saturday I was really noticing it. I was pushing on it and rubbing it and trying to get it to release…but it wouldn’t.  Funny thing is that on Sunday I went for a glorious run…Oooh Need to post some photos…  and it really didn’t bother me until I was done.   Then I had this devious plan to let another Athletic trainer look at it.

Well God kind of foiled a lot of my little human plans.  That trainer was out sick (never happens) so there was no one to look at it.  And so I accepted that and moved on…for the rest of my Sunday plans whatever they were.  I hung around with my friend Cindy at the gym and chatted for a long time.

Monday…I had a 1 hr cycle and a 2 mile run on the books.  I worked all day…which was difficult- since there was a lot of work to catch up from the weekend, and there seemed to be issues all over the place.  Then I spun around.  I was feeling a little childish already as it hurt, and I had heard nothing from trainer…as it turns out trainer was having dental problems, so I am pretty sure all he could think about was the ice pick pain in his face.

SPin went OK.  Then I went out to do the run, and just well, wasn’t feeling it.  My legs hurt and each time I kind of joggled everything the groin felt “not right”    I think I made it about .15 of a mile and I stopped turned around and Commenced to Panic.

LLWent back to the gym and whined to my trainer.  let me tell you. Small piece of advice.  When one has a small tweak, it’s a terrible idea to go and whine about it to someone who is sufferring from a terrible dental problem.  They are not gentle, kind or patient.  He mutterred something about the fact that I was breathing and had a heart beat.  THis is really out of character for him.  In a way I was kind of relieved to find that there was the ice pick in his face sensation.  He recovered a bit and I recovered a bit and we made a plan.  As Seneca Said:

Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I really feel like a not strong person today.  When things go funny in the body and I have no control over it, I really feel helpless….This injury is not one I can stretch, strengthen, or pummel into submission.  I just have to wait for it to improve.  It’s not a really bad one, because I stopped in time, so that’s a plus.

Just cycling until Wednesday and then recheck in.

Had Massage today.  It was not that fun.  She worked the area and then left it.  Still hurts.

I looked it up on the net and it seems there is almost nothing to “do” for an ab strain except wait.

I’m so (not) good at waiting.

We’ll see how things go.

Blessings about this?

1. I have no real racing planned.

2. It is Travel and Holiday time and my workouts were gonna be messed up anyway.

3. when it heals it should be stronger…

And I get to learn more about being solid in the face of adversity.   I also have to learn that I’m not my body.  Boy I think we all have that as an issue!

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