30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Coach time

Well.  My coach has been out of town and very busy, so I  had not seen him since the day after Thanksgiving.  We do some emailing, but…we seem to actually communicate better in person- probably because he is able to look at me walking/moving and my face kind of makes a lot of expressions…



So…I like to try to have a chat.  Today though, I didn’t totally love the training day as I had to do a soccer field run.  Dunno why this is such a misery to me.  The field is a little bit uneven, and for some reason there is very little energy return from it.  I run on trail 1-2 times a week and it’s enjoyable.  Field…for whatever reason is not so much.

So I did it…and then I did the cycle after.  On the cycle my quads were burning up to pieces.  Luckily it was only a 20 min cycle.  SO when I finished, I was just one sweaty mess.

Coach man finally had a moment to come talk with me.  He said he had a good trip..etc.  And then we talked and talked about things…

First thing that made me a little alarmed for the next few months…was that he looked at me and said, “You ready yet to start training again”  My face may have looked a bit like this:

20110531-091644Not entirely unhappy but definitely surprised.   As I’ve been training all week!  Guess it’s about to get more real in the next week.

I pretty much agreed that it is time to start training again, apparently this week has been easy.  (So far I’ve put in over an hour of cycling, 6 paltry miles running, and an hour of swimming…).

We then talked a little about my race.  I really disliked the race.  After some discussion he laughed when I said, Hey If I ever tell you , “I wanna do a race around Lake Eola again” tell me NO and refer me to the OUC race…He laughed.  No More Brick for Miss Thang!

We moved on to how my nutrition has been.  Been OK.  I took offense.

I then took a deep breath and complained about the taper.  I HATED my taper.  Now.  Lots of athletes, runners, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, you name it, HATE to taper.    I really don’t mind.  Especially as training has been pretty intense for me this year.  Taper gave me sleep!  But for whatever reason my taper seemed to drag on and on and on.  I also had a problem in that the week before my race I ended up running a super PR in the 5K and a very fast “long run”  (which was really short as I was on the taper).  During that week, I felt like SUPERWOMAN!  My legs were super responsive, and felt good running.  I had so much fun running, it was great.  56-19

The week of my race and during my race, everything felt horrible.  My legs actually hurt,  then they went through a period of feeling super dead.  and even on race day I just felt kind of non-plussed.  Legs were not feeling that nice super bounce that they had felt before…

He actually admitted that he did kind of extend the taper for me just a touch longer than normal.  It was due to his concern for my hip.  Things have been going well, I’m having a lot of PR’s and feeling good, and he just wanted to protect the hip…

I feel a lot better having told him.  Hopefully my taper next time will be a bit more tolerable.

So Back on track.  I am grateful for coaching that makes good sense….


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