30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monthly Archives: December, 2012

Change of pace….

I spent the week in Pennsylvania with my family for Christmas. It was, interesting.  Definitely troublesome for training, and currently as I sit in an airport waiting for my delayed flight….really tiring.  My sister seems to feel that she can completely abandon parental duties when she arrives at my parents home.  Her children are pretty …

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Annnnd, I obtain an injury

Oh my. I have tweaked out my abdominal muscle.  Which one, I’m not sure.  It starts right at the top of the hip bone and travels right on down…into the groin area.  So I am guessing it is Either the external or internal obliques, or some permutation of my Psoas.  Check out this site, for …

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Coach time

Well.  My coach has been out of town and very busy, so I  had not seen him since the day after Thanksgiving.  We do some emailing, but…we seem to actually communicate better in person- probably because he is able to look at me walking/moving and my face kind of makes a lot of expressions…   …

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Race Report: The OUC Half Marathon

So on Saturday I finally ran The OUC. It was a really strange one for me.  I did not enjoy it AT all. I also ran a Post Surgical PR.  Usually when I have a PR I love the race, but this one.  Oh no. So… Where do I start. Firstly I kind of messed …

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