30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Taper Time.

Holy Moley…


Taper time really snuck up on me.  This year, for the first time ever I seem to be doing a rather long taper.  I started last week, my longer run went from 10 miles to 7 miles.  Minutes started to come off workouts.  I also started to note some other similar taper-y symptoms.

I started to have interesting sleep patterns- falling asleep as usual but waking up wide awake at midnight etc.  I started to want to “jog with the dog” on his daily walks….because my legs are feeling kind of fresh.  And I started to feel a little puffy….because it would seem I’m holding on to a ton of water, I guess.  I’m even a touch grumpy.

I have 10 more days before the Half Marathon…so there’s a whole lot of taper time going on.  I’ve never tapered so long for anything before. Even my weights workouts have dropped anything that involves legs…. I’m very curious if it will make the race any different or not. I should have a PR, but I was to have an astonishing PR that astounds and amazes.  LOL.  In the end, we take what we can get right?


This is the week that really had me concerned with the Coaching.  I’m SO far finding it OK, though I have to admit I feel like I may be kind of substituting some efforts on the home front for traditional workouts.  My plan for the rest day is to Shampoo ALL the carpets and take the dog for a really really long walk.

Sooo.  Turkey Trot tomorrow.  Hoping for a new PR.  Told earlier in the week, “Don’t kill yourself doing it you know you aren’t training for that distance”  but I am still hoping.

I’m in a strange mood this week.  As far as running goes I keep thinking…


I Believe I have my spring race schedule set, but it’s dependent on hearing from another person. So I wait….


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