30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Learning, learning and a rant maybe about medals.

Wow.  I feel like I lived about a year in learning in one week this past week.

I got home at 2 am on Monday morning.  En Route to Orlando, I had gotten an email from Skeletor tell me Monday and Tuesdays workout.  I had counted on Monday being kind of light, given that I had just run a race on Sunday.  Yeah. Not. so. Much.

1 hr swim and 2 mile run.

First though I had to do my 8 hours of Germ Killin’ and pick up the wonder dog from the vet.

By the time I hit the pool, I was feeling a wee bit tired.  I had a total swim workout written out for me.  Somehow…I managed to eliminate ALL the 250 repeats.  Well I still swam for an hour.  For the most part:  I felt like this guy.


But in the end the pace was acceptable for me, and well the 250’s?  well.  I noted them when I was getting in the car after the run.

The run itself was not too bad.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.  My hammie was tight after all the plane sitting but the mere fact that it was only a 2 mile run made it fun.

I was really glad to be home.  I am a fan, like many people, of routine.  I just incidently did a google search about routine and found mostly articles on how I should BREAK Free from Routine!  I guess I probably have some unusual autism, because I prefer to know whats going to happen.  It is probably more my PTSD.  I like to know whats going to happen when. Surprises, not very fun.

Anyway, So Monday.  whew.  Got home at 8 pm. Collapsed into bed.

Weights with Skeletor on Tuesday.  We used a different gym this time and it was nice, very private.  I was better able to focus, and he seemed more relaxed.  No one to stare or interrupt.  I struggled with a lot of the exercises, because I was frankly still sleep deprived.  Secondly, I am still a little uncomfortable around him.  Anyway, we did what I thought was a pretty easy workout.  Yep.  Ha.  He emailed me my plan for the next three weeks.  I looked at it, kind of.

I got to Mona’s massage palace, and REALLY looked at it.  I totally freaked out.  It looked so wrong. Everything looked simple, and less miles than I expected.  I of course got really HOT about it, and poor Mona…well.  She finally let me use her ipad while she was “massaging me”  so I could email him and ask what the heck was going on.

After massage, I had to go vote, and I had to go ride the bike for an hour.  I was pretty fired up while voting, as we had some crazy Florida stuff on the ballot which was 4 freaking pages long.  I waltzed into the gym, feeling still like I had not had a good massage (sometimes Mona bless her heart, is a little iffy when she is tired.)  and there was Skeletor.  He was really involved in conversation with someone, so I waved my hands around in some wild gestures.  I think in my mind I was sure he understood them….

He finally put up the 1 finger (wait!) and I sat down and stretched out some of the spots that Mona missed.  Wow am I a fool.  In my defense I was exhausted.  One should always have a good nights sleep before gesticulating at one’s coach.  Especially right after one has had two rather smashing PR’s.  But of course, that is one thing I learned this week.

He first said, hey did you get my email.  I hadn’t.  So he said, well read my email…then he must have looked at my face and he said, well, lemme tell you whats in the email.  and he said right down and very gently told me some things.

Firstly he thinks of me as just *barely* being out of rehab despite the surgery being 18-20 months old now.  He let me know that it’s been kind of like a dance to try to push me and keep me uninjured all at the same time.  I’ve surely added to the Cha-Cha, because I, like most people, don’t know when to stop.


He then went on to talk about glycogen/water balance and getting ready for the multiple long races I have coming up.  He explained I might feel pretty strange over the next few weeks, might gain weight, have problems with feeling really sluggish etc.  Apparently that’s “normal and good”.  So at that point he totally shut down my steaming ears and I felt really just both profoundly humble, and also grateful.  he reminded me that I have had a bunch of PR’s lately so why on earth was I getting so twitchy.

I’m no real athlete.  But boy, I am lucky to have this guy as my coach.  he’s smart, thoughtful AND very patient.

SO that was Tuesdays lesson.  More you say?  Oh yeah there’s more.

Wednesday and Thursday were non-descript. I did the workouts.  They were not easy.  one tempo run, a few swims and some cycling.

Friday there was a speed workout on the books.  half mile repeats.   He said Go Fast, and take a 2 min walk break in between.  Yeah GO fast.   Not an all out sprint.  I decided since it was half mile repeats, I would not use the track.  So I did them on the Hills of town.  and WOW.  I apparently can go much faster than before.  I saw times I have not really seen in years flashing on my watch 8:58’s etc.  Thing is of course.  I could not maintain throughout all the repeats.

Lesson for Friday: Go FAST.  means FAST, not breakneck lose all oxygen speed.

FOr a few minutes I felt like the FLASH!  but then I really faded away into the sunset.  SO lesson learned there.

Next lesson – yes there’s more.  Skeletor lets me move days around on the plan any time I want to.  So. I thought I’d run Saturday with a pal. She is faster than me and really has helped push me to new speeds.  Even I wondered though about doing a paced 10 miler less than 12 hours after speed intervals…

So we started. It was cold and she looked so cute in this tartan ear warmer get up…kind of like Santas helper.

After about 300 yards, wow, my legs were feeling ODD.  But you know I kept going.  I mentioned it.  We got to two miles and I took a caffiene gel, and tried to pick up the pace for the paced part of the run.  Oh yeah, not happening. After a quarter of a mile, I stopped involuntarily and walked.  After considering things, I asked her if she minded if I just stopped and went back. She ran on and eventually caught up to me walking back to the beginning of the run.  She is a great friend and I am so lucky to have her.

I did manage to go to the gym and do the Saturday workout which was BRUTAL.  It was swim 1.5 hours and run 2 miles.  Well the run happened first.  The Swim well, it was tough. 4000 yards.  I took the workout kind of slow and so in the end felt OK.  Also did not have any foot cramping.

Sunday, I started the long run again.  This time SOLO.  I had feelings of dread as I started.  I had slept a lot better and felt more awake/alert, but…10 miles is 10 miles, not a 3-5 mile jaunt.

I kept trying to convince myself that I needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t it was just one of those things.

I finally got started and felt like I was running on legs made of brick.


Really felt like a slug.  At mile 2 again, I made a bold attempt to pick up the pace and found out that at least at mile 2 it wasn’t happening.  I made a decision there and then that  I was just going to run the 10 and see what happened.  Mile 3 was a tough mile and by mile 4 for whatever reason even though 4 & 5 are all uphill…I was finally on target pace. At mile 5 I got to turn around, which is always nice and I remained pretty focused.  I never really got the 5 miles in a row at the target pace, but I did get 5 miles at target pace.  My legs never really started to feel much better.  heavy and poundy all the way through.  I even stopped and walked part of the way up a hill.  But it got done, and when I finished, I was very surprised. My Garmin indicated that I was actually 5 mins faster than the last time I had done 10 miles.  So yay me! and another lesson in that sometimes things do not feel great but they are actually really good.  I used to get discouraged by feeling bad in races, but now I see that “feeling bad” is part of the game when one is working hard.

So lessons:

Feeling bad can be part of the process. It doesn’t mean that I am “doing bad” I may be doing great, I just FEEL lousy.I need to look at results not feelings.

Probably best to trust the coach.  especially since I am having good results.

Never try to argue when very tired.  You, like me, will make no sense whatsoever.

And here on a very pinterest pinnable pin is my biggest lesson:

I’m curious to see how things go on December 1st!   I have a turkey day 5K in there too, but I admit, I dont care one whit about it. (Well, maybe I do a little).

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