30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

The Old Reliable 10K Race Report

it’s about time I did a race report.

It’s been a whirlwind.  I have been traveling and not really that functional. I have felt like I have been on pins and needles and rushing and rushing and not really focused on work or training or even keeping the house clean.

Well the race is over though I have a BIG race in 3 weeks.

But we are talking about…The Old Reliable 10K in Raleigh NC.

This is a really fun fun race!  I was originally going to run the half.  But after some issues back in September we decided that the 10K, which is not even really advertised, was a good bet for me.  I LIKE the 10K distance a lot, it’s classic.  Much harder than a 5K, but not a huge time commitment either.

So I flew up to NC and arrived at midnight on Saturday am.  Got to my friends house and immediately collapsed into the guest bedroom, which was super comfy, but a little bit lavendar-ey.  I tried really hard not to cough up a lung that night. For this Florida Gal, NC at night was feeling bitter cold.  So Immediately I was a little bit concerned about the whole race event.  I also wished I had brought my running gloves.  I have never worn them, they were a gift, but it dawned on me that this would be an event that would be good for them!

After eventually rising from the sleep, we headed out to pick up our race packets.  The packet pick up was really organized.  the people handing out the packets were nice and cheerful, which is always a plus!  After getting my number and T shirt, I fooled around a bit at the expo and won a nice tote from the YMCA!  The tote went immediately into an Operation Christmas Child box!  So I was excited about that. In addition, they had in all the race bags the throw away gloves!!!!! I was so happy!   The T shirt is a long sleeved one, and in a beautiful Hunter green with the same Oak leaf Logo.  VERY nice.  I will enjoy wearing this one much more than my “I run for Pizza 5K” shirt.

I hung around and chatted with some other runners about the course and the weather conditions.  The runners that I met there were super nice.   Everyone seemed to have done the course before and was giving little helpful hints.

We met up with another person and eventually we all went home.  We had a nondescript dinner at Carrabas…not thrilling to me, I really wanted to go to Pops, but our guest seemed to prefer Carrabas.

We got home and hand to change our clocks back and everything.  And then Boom, race day was upon us.  It was chilly, actually it was downright COLD.  I enjoyed my running beanie, and tights and the gloves and 2 shirts, and during the wait time for the race, I actually did feel cold.  I remembered my coach telling me to please keep the hips warm, and well, they were not warm.  Ah well.

It was a very large race, since there was a 10K, a half marathon, a marathon, and a marathon relay all starting at the same point.  The Marathon had sold out because of the NYC cancellation. SO I have to say the energy for the race was really electric.

A nice person sang the national anthem, and then we got ready to go….

Well sort of.  According to the chip time and gun time discrepancy, it would appear that I walked casually for about 3-4 minutes before I crossed the start line.  BIG race!

Once we started it was a funny race.  It started on a downhill incline, making it a bit hard for me to run a slower warm up pace….LOL!  eventually, rather quickly we started to hit hills.  Many were really just hillocks, and very gradually rising.  Sadly, at mile 0.65 I looked down and noted that my trusty Garmin was frozen.  I would remain at mile 0.65 for the rest of the race.  SO, no garmin!

I decided to look for the mile markers.  I was really surprised as they had the mile markers but no clock beside them.  Even still, I decided to simply run the race and adjust pace based on mile markers.  Well that was an interesting idea.  It might have worked.  well except that I seem to have missed a few mile markers.  So I am running up and down these hills in Raleigh…looking for mile marker 3.  I was starting to get very concerned about my entire race time because getting to mile three seemed to be taking just forever!!!!

Until I saw the next mile marker, which very funnily said “4”  so no more mile 3 at all, it was the mile that never was.

THis was to happen again between miles 4-6. I never saw 5.  I was looking for it and I am starting to wonder if they had actually only had the even markers.

So, all of a sudden what appeared to be the big hill at the end showed up and I was still looking for the mile 5 marker.  Hmmm.   So I pushed it up the hill, and then actually sprinted in for the finish.  I was a not very good PR on the clock and found myself IMMEDIATELY Freeeezing.  They were actually handing out mylar blankets for 10K finishers and I was mighty grateful for mine.

Post Race spread was the BEST!  Krispy kreme Donuts, Pizza, tons of bread and fruit, and Planet Smoothie was also there.  My only usual complaint.  THere was a plethora of bananas.  And Planet smoothie was only serving Strawberry banana drinks.  Folks, it’s like peanuts, some people can not eat bananas, and I am one of them!!!!  But really I ate the donuts which would solidify in my stomach later, and also really enjoyed the pizza.

Eventually- actually in very good time, they posted the race results.  I have now had a 5 min 30 second PR in my 10K.  Pretty sweet!  Especially given the circumstances!  they used USATF rules and went by gun time which meant that some folks who had a slower chip time than mine “beat me”  because they crossed the finish 3 seconds before me….I found that frustrating, but really since I was smack middle of the pack 275 out of 468.  But it is very frustrating when I see people who placed in front of me running an 11:30 pace.  They must have started at the very front of the pack, like idiots.  It took me 3 minutes to walk to the start line after they started the race….and I started conservatively in the 11mm pace group, I left it after one mile, but…I think it is always best to line up where you belong.  I would love to be able to sort the list by actual chip time.  For professionals there is such a thing as race strategy, and getting out in the front will help you with placement, but in a large race of amateur runners, there is such a thing as courtesy and starting where your abilities lay is the nice thing to do.  But it did not reward me as far as placement!

Would I do the race again, SURE!  Very well organized, nice energy, beautiful course.  Will I absoloutely do it again, unlikely, as it is out of state.

Kudos to the organizers!!!!

My reward for the PR on Sunday?   “Swim one 3000yd workout in an hour and run 2 miles”  Guess the coach was less impressed than I was!  Now on to The OUC!  I have low hopes for OUC. My coach predicted me with a time range of a Half hour.. Meaning anything between X and Y in a half hour range, which says to me that it’s going to be a crap shoot.

Let’s hope that it ends up on the low end, so I feel good!



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