30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

The Long run that Wasn’t….and other annoyances.

So, I needed to do 12 miles this week on a long run.

I was also scheduled to go to Indianapolis Indiana, for a work trip.

Now.  Here’s the thing about Indianapolis.  It is not in Florida.  It is COLD.  So I thought about it for a bit….and rearranged all my workouts.  I scheduled out the Long for Thursday morning.

So for some reason Wednesday night, i could not sleep well.  I was actually very nervous in regards to the run, and all the packing and dog boarding and cleaning up work loose ends that I needed to do-  so…no good sleep.

I wake up pretty well and am feeling good.  A breeze through the window tells me that is is nice and cool outside…

Then I and the Doggie actually GO outside.  It is COLD, and it’s drizzling.

No Matter I tell myself.  I am really tired, so I actually go back to sleep for a while, figuring that it is cool enough that I can get out later.

I wake up 2 hours later.  get all ready to go, and make it to the Clay trail.

I run about a half a mile and the RAIN starts to pour down.

Well, it’s clay.  its running all over the place.  I decided time to hit the gym.  I go to the gym and get on the Treadmill.

I run 1.5 miles…all is going well.  Except I am so bored and frustrated.  I look outside and note that it is no longer raining, so I head outside….and realize that I am really tired.  Home, Nap.  Work 2 hours.  Drop dog off for boarding.

SOOOO On the way back from the boarding, I go to the West Orange Trail, thinking yeah, “I’m gonna get my 12 in…”  Really at this point, i should have realized too many attempts had been made!  I get out of the car and it starts pouring again….

SO back to the gym.

I run 2.25 on the mill, and again, it is mind numbing.  My hip started to feel odd too so I quit.  I was kind of about to walk out of the gym….but then I saw the guy who writes my plans.  I told him about my Day.  He then said, “Well if you were really tough you’d do the rest on the treadmill….don’t you have a race?” He was kidding, I think.  But…totally got under my skin.  I took a deep breath, put on my “Big Girl Treadmill panties”

And started running again.  I made it another 5 miles before I got over being Pissed off.  I must have looked like hell because the new trainer was attempting to recruit me….I’m talking to him, and my coach looks a bit interested- not because he cares about the business, but I think he just wanted to know what we were talking about.  New Trainer at the gym reveals himself to be kind of a bizarre…pompous individual, trying to recruit and be nice at the same time, we’ll see…but I’m sticking with Skeletor, he is as far as I know, the very best for me.

I still want to do a long run this week, but Coach said NO, No no, NO.  so I am going with No.




  1. z

  2. try living in the UK, running in the rain is a veritable treat!


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