30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Is the Gorilla Winning or am I?

Marathons are like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired.

I found this quote on the “Running friends around the world” page at Facebook.  (It had a lot of members, if you want to join, let me know and I will figure out a way to add ya.)

I was thinking, yep, this is my training cycle.  I totally have been wrestling a Gorilla.

Last week was tough on me.  I had a lot of fun, but come Sunday when I should have been vacuuming and cleaning baseboards, I found the need for a nap to be completely overwhelming.

Monday I felt a little fresher, and I thought, Oh Hallelujah, I am winning.  Yeah, until I hopped on the Stationary for a 45 minute Spin.  By about 30 minutes I started to hate the bike.  I was pouring sweat and my legs were burning.  There was a lady next to me who was riding a hills program, and was going soooo much slower…and was not sweating.  I wanted to punch her!  I came very close to tears.  Max HR was only 138, but it was still quite the workout.  After the Spin, I hopped in the pool for the Coaches workout that at the end says, “It will be fun”

Fun, like…well….Like sticking a Pencil in my eye. And in fact, I do have a slight eye infection now.  Probably from smearing a ton of lotions and sun screens on my face, to combat the intense time spent in the pool….

I warmed up well, my warm up is now 1000 yards. Then I took a deep breath and went into the main sets of the work out which for some odd reason tends to includes sets of 300’s  it’s an odd number.  By set number 2 I realized I was not swimming that much faster than my warm up.  oops.  I worked on speeding up some and found I had absoloutely no oomph to do so.  My toes and feet started cramping…. and every time I finished a set and looked at the little paper pasted to the wall…I felt the “It will be fun”  sentence just laughing at me.

By the time I got out of the pool I was tired, hungry, irritable and a bit cold.  (I know I live in Florida, but it’s COLD these days, to me.)  I was feeling a tiny bit concerned about this week coming up.  Once I actually LOOKED at the 2 workouts they were actually quite good.  my cycle speed was maintained at almost 16 mph and my max HR was only 138 for a few mins then settled into about 130.  My swim workout was well over a mile.  They just FELT bad, they were not actually bad.  So that was a new concept.  Really important distinction…sometimes in training we are going to feel AWFUL.  Best to look objectively at the actual results before deciding something was a failure.   So on Monday I did not feel like I won those workouts, but on paper it would appear that I did.   I saw my coach talking to some other person when I was getting stuff from a locker.  I kind of wanted to talk to him, but decided it was late, and I was cranky.  So I instead glared at him and left.  (Yes, I got to apologize for it on tuesday.)

Tuesday came verrrry early.  I did a weights workout on my own, I admit I kept hoping that around 6 Skeletor would come rolling through the door and organize me.  Nope.  I did a pretty good workout.  No nausea, but it was a total sweat fest.  After that I knew I had a 2 mile run to do which I was dreading.  In my workout I did at least 112 squats.  Plus lunges, hamstring curls etc.  So getting out there and feeling light on my feet seemed impossible.

Turned out to be the most fun I have had in FOREVER.


I was so surprised, I bounded up the long hill by the fire station with no real issues….and then barrelled down it again with no problems.  Felt great.

Seems just when you get convinced you are losing, you are usually right on the edge of winning.  So HANG ON!

I’m learning so much this training cycle beyond running.  I’ve learned about patience, hope, faith and trust.


And I have also learned that almonds for breakfast on heavy training days is not a good idea at all.

I think I’m getting the gorilla tired, we shall see in the coming weeks.

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