30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Think Pink Fun run and Swim…

I agreed to do this run n’ swim thing with a friend of mine.   I was sort of hoping she would forget about it, and I could avoid it and just do my training, but no…she remembered and reminded me.

I even tried to get Skeletor to say NO, or “That wouldn’t be a good idea”  But instead he said, yeah you can do that, just don’t race it, your long run on Sunday is more important.”  So I was really stuck.  I had waited til really late, and the price was now 45.00 USD.  Yikes!!!  That is one hefty 5K, even if there was a 400 yd swim attached to it.  Oddly, they went ahead and opened 10 free entries from work organization, right as I was about to bite the bullet and register.  So I ended up with a FREE registration.  This was the BEST THING EVER!  (I can set aside 45.00 to pay Skeletor now with no compunction, or feeling that I need to pinch pennies.)

I’ve never done a swim n’ run, so who knew…seems like The staff had not either.  The guy at the pool didn’t really know what the distance was, and initially told us that we were going to be swimming 32 lengths, rather than the 16 that was advertised.

We got there…I am feeling in general a little bi#^&y this week for no good reason, and I am sure it showed.

We fooled around a bit and took pictures.
Then they lined us all up and gave speeches.  I was still annoyed because I was ready to run!  No National Anthem to send us off was sort of a disappointment to me…  BUT I got to run through an incredibly cute Pink and white balloon arch on the way out.  The race started on the soccer field and I was so focused on getting off the grass well that I forgot to start my Garmin.  I had checked it a few times and it was showing a pace, but it was not recording any distance…oops, so I clicked on Start at about 0.25 into the race.

I had been told to run it easy, and so I did, kind of.  By about mile 2, I had my watch all functional, and while I was not really 100% sure it appeared I was on track for a PR….I kept running and then because I was suddenly running a 9:50 pace, I took 2 walk breaks in mile 3.  At the 3 mile marker, I knew I only had a tenth left, so I decided I was allowed to sprint that out.  I ran in and saw the clock and knew no matter what the Gun vs Chip time said, I had a new PR.  It was only  14 seconds or so but hey it’s still a PR. Considering all my Hip surgery and prolonged rehab, I’m solidly pleased.  

Of course, it aint over til the fat lady sings, so I knew I would have to wait for the posting. I headed over to the pool.  I had to wait and wait to swim.  My pal was there and was bravely swimming laps…she’s not really a swimmer.  I finally got my turn to go, swam 400 yds in about 8:40.  The dude told me that 8:40 was my time. Oddly when the reckoning came, he recorded it as 9:04?  The swimming was nuts after the run!  after about 4 laps I realized my legs were tired, plus I wanted to get a good time. I kind of thought Maybe my swim time would put me up in the top three women.  Yeah, right.  The top woman swam a 5 min 400 yds and ran a faster 5K…Ha ha ha, Fantasy.

Post swim photo is a must:

NOW, I get the opportunity to rest, since I have a 9 mile long tomorrow.  If I can execute the long, I will feel triumphant!

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