30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

The New Goal…

Everyone needs a new goal once in a while.  Mine:  MAKE IT TO TAPER WEEK intact!


Help is on the way!


Or if you prefer:

(Incidently, this is one of the songs that now plans as Muzac at the hospital…I find it odd that some poor patient may be hitting a call bell repeatedly, and this song is playing…)

SO far this week I’ve only run 5 miles total….Yeah seems “easy” right?  I’ve also swum about 8000 yards.  Yes, thats a bit of swimming.  (There were a few hours of weights thrown in there too….)


I really am not beginning to love the swimming more.  It remains wet and the pool is currently very cold, we are in transition from our summer, to our “Winter”  SO no heat on in the pool yet, but it could use some…

I went and told Skeletor last night “I’m not a fish you know”  He kind of coolly looked at me and said, yeah, but it’s great for fitness, so keep doing it.  He’s as often is the case, right.  I’m so tired that it’s hard to see the forest from the trees.  At any rate, I told him if I make it to Taper week alive I will be thrilled.  All I want is that taper.  Extra sleep…

There is one positive in all my tiredness.  I have been sore and hurting all over the place, and kind of whiney.  My HIP does not hurt.  Not at all, in fact, I had kind of forgotten about it.  Once I realized how great it felt, I had to tell coach, who confessed that was his main goal and he was thrilled.  So now…..

It’s terrible I am kind of dreaming about the taper week…what I will do…how I will feel. Ahhh.

But Saturday I got a free entry into a Run/Swim event for Breast Cancer.  I am doing it with a friend, and it should be interesting, I’ve never done a run swim before!  Then my goal is to spend the rest of the day pretending it’s taper week, and RUN 10 miles on Sunday with same said friend.

Then I will be just 2 weeks away from taper week…

I’m still a bit surprised that I made it to friday intact.  Today is ride bike (or swim, but yeah, who is swimming) for 1 hour then immediately go run 2 miles….

Taper week, come on!


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