30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And the journey continues…..(As I grow gills)

Today was a new day.

I got up at 4:10, walked the dog, paid my very overdue bill of 21.14….for which my apartment manager has been sending multiple requests.  It concerns me that they need my 21.14 that badly.

Because I anticipated this to be a tough day, I at yogurt.  I’m a big fan of this la liberte yogurt.


So I had that, coffee and a few almonds.  I made it to the gym earlier than the coach and kind of got on the cycle, and cycled at a low level.  I was still feeling pretty tired from yesterdays stacked 100’s.  I was also feeling kind of nauseated….nice.

We did our thing.  It was a lot more comfortable than last time.  He progressed me with some things, and corrected some of my form issues.  He tried some new exercises, some of which worked perfectly for his body, but when I tried them, well, lets say I am at least 6 inches shorter than he is.

We did bunches of really insane “Made up” exercises.  he scribbled them down and asked again and again…”What do you want to call that?  Abs with bungee cord, OK?”  He has been doing these for years, but never really wrote them out as part of anyone’s program.  Oh I would have felt special, if I didn’t feel well, kind of sweaty.

I finally rolled right off the ball…We were trying something that I just felt unready for.

At that point Mrs. Skeletor poked her head in and kind of looked down on me…and Skeletor, not being the most socially ept, didn’t say anything. She finally said, “Hi I’m Mrs. Skeletor”  I thanked her for typing, and explaind that I was about to vomit…. Oh yeah.  Email sent later:

“Please tell her I am not usually completely flat out on the
floor…it’s only due to your influence.”

After this I went to work…Did a variety of things, attended meetings, and felt slightly better.  Then I dropped off some medication for Skeletor (little infection, big pain).   went and had a massage with Mona the Marvelous.  Massage was tough, as my legs are tired. Tougher was getting the email with my new swim workout for the night…

500 warm up
10×50 drills alternate with sing arm swim, fingertip drag, catch up drill.
300×4 race pace with 1 min rest between each
5x 25 sprint with :15 sec rest on each
3x 100 build during the middle 50 of each. 20 sec rest
200 cool down
It will be fun!

I really felt like going to bed instead.  I briefly considered doing this tomorrow, but decided just to do it, so that tomorrow is just a run day.

Somewhere in the 4 300’s at race pace, probably on the 3rd one, I started to feel pretty lousy again.  It was not a pretty bunch of sets, and I did skip one of the 25 sprints.

Got er done though.  Decided to forego my favorite bubble bath tradition…I mean MY GOODNESS, how much more water can I be exposed to?

temp has really really dropped…I am actually wearing long sleeved and long legged pajamas,  a very unusual thing…

Tomorrow is just a simple 2 mile run, at 5K pace.  I’m curious to see how that goes!


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