30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

$#it just got real

My training plan seems to have exploded with intensity.

Still not sure if its a

Or more like:

After yesterday’s GI fun, I was pretty eager to get going on this week.

I of course had that work thing get in the way for 8 full hours.  and FINALLY at 4:30 it was over.  My boss, as is often the case, started to try to have a discussion with me at 4:25 pm. I leave at 4:30.  This time I deftly avoided going into any details and managed to make a fast exit clocking out at 1631.  Whoo Hoo.

I had to do a 3 mile run, EASY.  So yeah, I took it easy.  I had to.  Anything that had been irritated by yesterdays run was announcing itself.  Sooo, It ended up being about the same pace as the 6 miler I had done the day before.  I took a nice and hilly route, and I am very proud to say that I killed off the hills.  Did I mention that it’s still HOT here in Florida?  Liek the rest of the world has pulled out flannel jammies and sheets.  We have, 81 degrees F ~ 27 C.

After that, I was very thirsty, and went and got water.  Saw coach, but didn’t make any eye contact, I will see him tomorrow, so whatever needs to be said can be said then.
Chatted for about 20 good minutes with a friend in the pro shop… Then I realised I was afraid of the pool workout!


I felt a little like the little gal above…I being brave of heart and a bit foolish…picked this sucker for a workout.  I became the sucker.

Main Set (short course yards):
– This is a constant set… no breaks between changing intervals.
– 4 x 100 on 1:30 – continue warm-up
– 6 x 100 on 1:25
– 8 x 100 on 1:20
– 10 x 100 on 1:15 – should be very short rest… probably no more
than :05 seconds between 100’s

– easy 200

– 4 x 100 on fastest interval possible

It’s a lot of 100’s, but it’s also a way to get in well over 3,000
yards, not including an “on your own” 10-minute warm up, in about 50

I admit, I could not really finish it well.

I made it to 2300 yards in an hour and decided to call it quits.  WHEW  that, plus the run kicked my tail.

Tomorrow I have weights with the coach, a massage and another 1 hour swim on the schedule. (And that pesky 8-10 hours of work, SOMEONE has to want that influenza vaccine, I only need 30 more employees and we will be at 60%.)

Guess which workout I am not pulling out of the workout bag for the swim?  You got it!  I will have to find something else, though this one, was really a good challenge.

I sure am putting out a lot of effort.  I am hoping, fingers crossed to see something rewarding the first weekend of November, when I run The Old Reliable 10K.  Sure it is “just a 10K”  but I like the 10K distance.  Unlike a 5K, there is a bit of wiggle room if you go out a bit fast, or have a dud mile or something.  And Unlike a Half Marathon it is a bit shorter, but not too short.

At any rate.  I have never run a great 10K.  I’ve mostly focused on the 5K or the Half.  This plan has me on a nice nice taper for that week, so we’ll see in about 3 weeks, EEEK! Stay tuned, I might take some photos….of me.

How is everyone else’s training going?  Are you braving the cold well?


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