30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Holy Cow GI distress!

WARNING:  this post does talk a great deal about GI distress.  For those with a weak stomach, you can feel free to read about the run, just stop when I start chatting about my dinner the night before…..


My workout today is/was 6 miles run EASY and 30 mins cycle to keep my legs from getting tight.

I was super nervous about the 6. I have not been doing a lot of road running, and much of the longer stuff has been on soft trails, where time is unimportant.

But because it was 6 instead of the original 8, I decided to bag the softer trail and go out on our local Bike Trail- The West Orange Trail.  

It’s very popular with cyclists, and we have to deal with peletons when we run out there, so I often like the clay trail better.  I don’t mind groups of cyclists, but when the groups get to be the size of 40…they can be kind of spooky as they fly by.

Anyway, I knew a lot of people would be out there today.  I thought I would get out there early and I would have the opportunity to talk to them as they caught up with me on the trail.  To my surprise, everyone was there when I showed up.   One of my pals suggested I start with them, even though traditionally, they are loads faster.

BIGGER surprise.  I stay pretty much with them to my turn around.  I was a little bit behind at mile 3, but I was still able to talk normally and say, “Ok guys I’m turning around.”  Since it was still rather dark, one of the girls surrendered her blinky light for me to use on the way back. I did not think I needed it, but I found it useful.  Next time I’m taking mine.

I finished up the run, with one dud mile, during which I must have stopped for a great deal of time.  Oh well.

Unfortunately,  yesterday I ate some homemade spaghetti sauce.  I noted it was a little greasy, but I was hungry and the grease seemed appealing, to much diet you know…

Yup, I was just like the Swedish Chef!

About an hour after consuming what was a HUGE portion of Spaghetti and sauce, made from delicious ground beef, I started to have issues.  I thought they had finished this morning,  right.

I was OK until mile three, then I felt all sorts of things going on in my lower GI tract.

For a trip back to 4th grade, click on this video..

I was very very tempted to take a momentary break as it was still pitch black out on the trail.  BUT, as we all know, the moment you bare your butt, is the moment when a herd o’ runner or cyclists with headlamps will burst forth from the darkness.

I finished my run and headed straight to the bathrooms at the trail head.  (Thank YOU, PARKS and Rec of Orange County Florida!)  I spent some time there.

I then headed to Panera, because I had not figured out that this was going to be a whole day issue.

At Panera I tried the Pumpkin Bagel.  It is not a Bagel, do not be fooled, it is a piece of cake shaped like a bagel.  Very tasty and moist.

Bagel was good, coffee was good, but indeed by the time I was done relaxing at Panera, I realized my tummy was still angry.  Thus a visit to the Panera Restroom, which was by all means, very clean and nice.  Then Home…a visit to my own bathroom, and so on and so forth.

I think I have finally found the cure to this issue.  Nothing by Mouth!  and a nice warm bath which seemed to relax my poor spasming lower GI tract.

Now, I am back off to the gym, as I need to cycle for 30 more minutes easy to loosen up my legs.  I could swim but I think the cycle and I have a date, as it will be easier to get off and visit that restroom if need be… (OH DEAR LORD, I hope not!)

Oddly, I am still craving more BEEF.  Not sure it will be what’s for dinner, but if it is…I’ll be degreasing it slightly more.  (Photo from here: http://www.michaeljanzen.com/2009/10/19/cow-free-diet-avoiding-palmitic-acid-by-canceling-cow-from-my-life/ )  Feel free to visit Michael!




  1. If it’s cake made to look like a bagel, then it’s healthy. I’m working on making a cake look like a salad, then I can eat lots of it.

    • Let me know when you get that Salad perfected, I’ll be queuing up for it.

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