30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

2 miles.

On the Schedule….2 miles easy conversational pace.

I was SO excited about doing a run after spending a day running about in hopes of vaccinating everyone in the hospital.  I did about 10-16.  It is all starting to blur together.  People do not really want the vaccine.  I admit, I don’t really want to give it, but, it is the goal of the hospital, and I do want to get it over with.

When I finally finished the flu vaccination and some educational committments, I went outside and discovered we were in the middle of a pretty intense storm.   Do you see the red pin.  Well thats where I was…

So, I made the decision to run my 2 miles easy on the treadmill.

I paid Skeletor his pittance.  It really is a pittance considering my results of the past 3 weeks.

He told me he was almost done with my next few weeks, and asked how I was feeling.  I was supposed to be resting this week, but I have had insomnia due to the Flu vaccine situation…so I am actually really tired…though my body is not that tired, it’s just sort of a lack of sleep mental fatigue.  I told him that I was having bad dreams about the flu vaccination situation.  He laughed, his department is 0.09% compliant.  My biggest headache.

He said, “Meh you can go run outside”  I said, yeah the last time I did that it hailed on me.  He made fun of how I said Hail… sounds like He-ell when I say it.  I told him to be quiet.  He told me to piss off…. so yes.  we are getting along well.

Run itself was nothing spectacular.  I ran it.  Kind of slow.  Spoke to my TM running buddy, nice man, good runner, don’t know his name…really should learn it!

Foam rolled, hung out.  Finally went home. I had to get a towel to dry myself off after going from the car to the apartment….

I have 3 more workouts, all pretty light.  I am really excited about next week.  I also get Some actual Skeletor time and I am looking forward to that because my weight work, I think is a little sloppy.

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