30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Pool day, suddenly not so easy.


Today was weights and swim 40 mins.

So I got up nice and early and did a bang up job on the weights.  I was squatting, and lunging, and calf raising, and Ham string curling with the best of them.  In fact, I was actually sweating and catching my breath a bit, which is not always my norm for a weights workout.  I admit I was also in a bit of a hurry so I was rushing through with less rest. Still…It was great!  My hip has calmed significantly, and I feel very little pain.  I was able to do the exercises that were causing me misery last week.

So when it was all said and done, I was really pleased with the workout.

I was all ready for a nice relaxing 40 minute swim this afternoon.  Spent the day trying to give out Flu vaccine.

When I got around to checking my personal email, in popped a message from coach man…

Here’s a swim workout I like.

2500 yards of swimming.

I sent him a message back saying, “Guess I know what I am doing this afternoon”

And I went to it.

WOW.  It was swimming on a whole new level.

I guess I used to do this type of workout when I was a swimmer, back in the day, but I have not in YEARS.

I was intimidated by the sheer distance of it.  I really didn’t LOOK at the actual workout, until I was into the 3rd part of it WHooo EEEEE….


It was not that hard, but it was full of sprints and accelerations, things I do not normally do in the pool.  I was gasping for breath at the end of each set…

Afterwards, I renewed my gym membership…and went to get some water.  Skeletor was at work, and I was kind of ignoring him.  The whole see your coach at work thing, when he is getting paid to not coach you thing can be a little awkward.  I want to chat with him, but I also want to respect that he has clients that he is being paid to work with.  Since he sometimes is doing therapy for 3 clients at a time, he can and should be focused elsewhere.

As I was getting the water from the cooler, I hear “How was the swim?”  I actually thought it someone else, but it was him.  I gave him a thumbs up and went over there and said, “Well I got a little nauseous, so it must be OK”

It really was a good one.  We talked a little about the hip and I said it was feeling great.  He was glad I saw the MD a little this weekend.  He warned me not to push it.  I only have this one week left in the plan and it seems super easy.  He said with a grin, a bit of an evil grin, that I should not be surprised to see a jump in next week’s workouts.  So nifty.  We then tried to make an appointment for later in the week, and I ended up begging him not to do it on a track day. I HATE the track workouts and I always feel like an idiot running them…He said of course, “Oh that might be the best…”  I said, I vote no…he reminded me that I get no vote… same evil grin…It’s a weird relationship, but I think it’s going to get me really running again…..If I ever stop cross training.


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