30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

over train/Under train…

Saw Skeletor briefly on Wednesday.

I’ve been a good little Do-Be  and have just been doing the workouts as written and not asking any questions.


I’ve been able to maintain good focus on the sessions, and am about half way to where I should be on Nutrition.  My Massage Therapist tried to give me another lecture regarding nutrition.  Skeletor wisely says nothing.

Anyway.  he wanted to know if things were “too tough” and did I need to dial it back?  I was like, well….

and I confessed to adding in a few extra workout sessions.  He grinned and said, ah ok, so we can step it up.  He again mentioned that Mrs. Skeletor thought that the plan looked tough.  I bit my tounge, but I really wanted to say…and I am not Mrs. Skeletor.

With his permission to bump it up a bit, I think I may have gone a tad bit overboard.

Today I started the day with a weights workout.  It was stilted because my hip was really really hurting.  But I was able to do most of the work out.

I worked for about 6 hours, and then took off, because of some work things my schedule is whack-a-doodle  this week, and probably next as well.  I went over to the gym intending on swimming 40 min, as the plan said.  But in getting over there I decided I was feeling good.  SO I did a 30 minute spin on the cycle, finished the rest of the weights workout, AND swam for 40 minutes.  Now, I feel a wee bit tired.  We shall see what occurs tomorrow.

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