30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Weighty weights

I did my “weights only” day today.  I kind of cheated, but I think the coach would not care.

My work schedule is changing for the next two weeks to this hideous early hour and juggling to make sure I do not incur Overtime.

So I made it to the gym at 0515 am.

I did about 80% of the workout prescribed to me.  It was pretty fun, and it kind of surprised me at what was challenging and what was not so challenging.

This is one exercise my Physical Therapist made up for me…when I was having a ton of problems with pivoting at work.

As you can see it is for the shoulder.  What I do instead is to place the theraband around my hip, stand on one leg and rotate the entire body, rather than the arm.  It seems so easy.  It is SO difficult.  I do it with the gray band…I wonder if a lower band would help.

He loves for me to keep doing it, and I continue to struggle with it.

I barely lift any actual weights…Sure I do Pull ups and Dips, and a few dumbbell, and medicine ball activities…but mostly it’s just kind of a strengthening and stability type of workout.

I did 45 mins this morning.  I had to take a shower and get to work, so I was behind.  Still…I feel like some things are getting better and I have some basic direction when I hit the gym.  I have about 15-20 exercises written down.  When I get a moment, I want to put them all on index cards, so I essentially have my own fit deck!

SInce I got to work so early, I took advantage of this to clock out for 2 hours this afternoon and enjoy the pool.


Great stress reliever.  I swam the first 16 laps at a fast pace, trying to figure out exactly how long this splash and dash is going to take me.  Apparently I can do 400 yards in about 9 minutes.  I need meters, but our pool is currently set up on the yards side.

I then swam 850 yards and just enjoyed not being at work at 1 pm on a tuesday.  It was way fun.

I was supposed to have a massage this afternoon.  I was rather looking forward to getting my hip work on.  My left calf is still very swollen and bruised from last week, so I was unsure what she would do with that.  Well…she cancelled.  Apparently she was stuck in traffic….these things happen.

After coming home I walked the dog, and relaxed.  My calf feels better, but my darn hip is still feeling really sore.  Hmmm…

Tempo run tomorrow!!!  I am hoping it goes as well as Monday!

Oh and Skeletor.  Low Profile!  I have not seen him since Tuesday- except to hear him yell “Learn to catch”  not heard from him.  I kind of feel better this way, I have the plan and I can execute, so far no real questions.  But I expect I will see him some tomorrow, as I am treadmilling it, and apparently he works later on Wednesdays…or just hangs around the gym in his work clothes…But yes, am I satisfied, yup.  Very.  Now if I can get my hip to behave….I will be golden!


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