30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Something is working….

So I have one more workout left in Week one of my new coaching plan.

This week what did I do.

Monday I was supposed to run 3 miles easy.  Well, I had the race on Saturday, on Sunday when I was still sore as all get out, I ran a track workout with a friend.  So Monday…well.

I talked to Skeletor.  Conversation:

MG: It’s hot outside…

Skeletor:  yes, suck it up, oh…I meant….


Hits the soccer field for one mile..feels like the WORST RUN EVER.  I felt like the earth was trying to punch my legs.

Sort of like this.  (For more information on this unique Tunisian art Click HERE.)

I have never felt so bad.  After the first mile, I went to some hills and tooled up and down and decided that I felt sufficiently like death to stop at 2 instead of three.  I proceeded inside to foam roll and text my friend multiple times that I needed CPR.

She proceeded to text me back that as long as I could text she would not initiate it.  (Darn Jaded ED nurses!)

Tuesday, I met up with Skeletor to do weights.  As expected it was a great session.  He is a very patient person, and perceptive.  He showed me tons of new exercises, none of them seemed too difficult.  He did inform me that I was not in as bad of shape as I think I am.  I finished off the session feeling encouraged, and ready to play more.  My Calf was still functioning strangely.

Tuesday afternoon, Mona the massage queen, spent about 40 minutes on my calf.  I gripped the table and cried out to Jesus.

No Joke.  It was rough, but the next day I woke with an almost normal right calf.  About 98%.  She is a gem, and she puts up with a ton.

Wednesday:  Tempo run. Well.  I decided to do it on the treadmill, my hip was still tight and I didn’t feel like running our hills.  Wow, I guess I was tired from the strength the day before, because when I got on the treadmill.  It was all I could do was to HOLD ON at a pace slower than my race pace.  I just wanted a break.  Every mile or half mile I wanted a break.  I had a funny feeling though that I should NOT take one. So I pushed on and ended up finishing up my 4 miles without a walk break and with a slightly negative split on all miles.  Turned around and saw my new coach sitting some ways away.  Not sure he was actually watching or if he was just hanging round with some other people. Either way I was really glad I didn’t just stop… Mid way calf tightened up which was No good!

Here is Meb running a tempo, Awesome. His form in this video is PERFECT.

I looked different, I am sure!

I was not thrilled with my speed on my tempo, but I was glad that I just kept running and didn’t take any kind of walking break, because that surely isn’t a tempo.

Thursday was weights again.   I managed to hit myself in the face with a 2 lb ball doing these:

Skeletor came in later to the gym for something else.  I told him I blamed him for that.  then I left, because I wasn’t in session with him, so I wanted to get stuff done and leave him alone so he could do whatever he actually came to do.  As I was working the hamstring machine I heard his voice.  Big piece of advice, “Learn to catch”  then he walked off… Yeah..

I did about an hour of strength work, and then I had work work…then after work I swan 1200 yards.  The Swim was wonderful.  My calf was all tight again, and my hip flexor was starting t be very agitated, so the cold water helped everything to relax some.

Friday was supposed to be a speed workout, but when I woke up my calf and hip flexor were awful.  So I decided to switch the days around.  I did Saturdays workout on Friday and then today did sundays, If I feel OK on Sunday evening, I am going to to Fridays workout.

So on Friday I swam for 41 minutes 1600 yards.  then I got off and foam rolled, and rode the bike for 42 minutes.  There was NO ONE in the gym.

We looked around and I noted that the people in the gym were a little, well, shall we say, odd… We decided it was loser night at the gym and we were part of it.  LOL.  We high fived each other and kept on spinning.  I then foam rolled again, making small miserable cat noises and then went home.

Today I did a 7 miler out on our Clay trail.  Lots of hills and because of the rain, a lot of MUSH.  I did not think I would do well, but I used a caffiene gel and that seemed to really help me out.  I finished the run about 45 seconds faster per mile than the last time I ran that distance out there.  Having my pal out there who is a MUCH faster runner also helped…

SO.  How do I feel.  Much better choices are being made now, and I feel really physically so much better!

Best things about Skeletor:

He does not fuss over me.  When he found out my face almost got smooshed in by the ball, after he realized it was not, his only response was “Learn to catch”.

He’s perceptive about my underlying motivations…which is nice, though kind of frightening at the same time.

He gives me small little Bible quotations that help make training more relevant to life and the final goals of life.  But he doesn’t spend hours quoting the Bible either.  (There is a time for that, just not sure its when I am doing Squat thrusts…but maybe?)

He does not Exaggerate or downplay my level of fitness, it is what it is and we are going to make it better.

AND  he seems to have given me some freedom to do some extra swimming in there, so on some days that feel light to me, I feel good that I can add that in… I like freedom and wiggle room, suddenly I feel in control again  Which I am not, but as long as I feel in control.

Here I am fooling around right after our trail run today…as you can see my Booty is still the main focus of everything!

So yay me.

All of my races have been changed and my next post should be to list what the heck I am doing!

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