30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Turtle Krawl 2012…and exercise in humility.

Wow.  I had my worst race in quite a while yesterday.  Oh the humiliation.

This race is a good race, put on out by the beach in Indialantic, Florida.  

I ran it 2 years ago.  Last year I missed.  This year the T shirt was too good to give up…

So, I roped 4 of my friends into going with me over to the coast, to run a little 5K.

I was feeling the pressure, as this was *The Race* that my new coach is going to use to base my workouts on.  Lets just say my workouts are going to be pretty easy.

My left calf really was not loose, in fact, it hurt like crazy every time I put any pressure on it, but what can you do?  I took some motrin, which is a true No-No for me before running and pulled on the Zensah Compression Sleeves.  

We got to the race with plenty of time, thanks to a friends Sun pass!  (I finally did not have to pay a toll every 5 minutes. )

We picked up our race packets and fiddled around, saying Hello to everyone we knew- and even though it was 50 miles away, I saw some folks that I have become friends with over the years.

Well.  The race this year was HUGE 1500-1600 people ran it.  The year I ran it, I think it was about 800 people.  My one friend Tanya really pulled me closer to the front, reminding me that it was a fairly narrow start and that there were a lot of people.  So we edged up to the start.  I realized that I had forgotten my Gu packet.  Now.  NO ONE needs Go for a 5K.  But, I have found the caffeine in the Gu is usually readily absorbed, and that right before a race, its not a bad thing to have.  But I forgot it in the car, so I decided well, just go without it.

They sang the Anthem as usual and we were off.  It felt really hot and humid to me, but everyone else was saying it was cool.

Well, I apparently I took off like this:


I thought I was running a fairly sedate pace, like a 10:30-10:40 which was my plan, but when I got to one mile, and I even walked a bit at 0.8 because I knew I needed to slow down, the Garmin said 9:40.  I don’t really normally run in that pace range.  At mile 1.5 I looked down and there is was again at a 9:55.  So I was thinking, yes, I feel OK…so lets pick up the pace.

And BAM.  I crashed.  

I started to walk/run.  It started to feel REALLY Warm, and to top it off we came to the one area where things get really narrow on the course.  Now remember, the first time I ran this,  there were “over 500” participants.  This time around there were over 1500.  So this area, about as wide as a sidewalk was trying to fit us all in.  People were stopping and walking and there was no way for them to get to the edge.  I tried to get around them, but had trouble.  Once I saw that we were entering this area I had decided just to run through it at a steady pace, even if I wanted to stop, because it was narrow.

SO that was frustrating.  In addition, many people, including myself, had issues with local traffic, trying to run us over.  Even though the race director, I am CERTAIN, told the neighborhood about the race, certain types of people, of course, were not willing to wait about 15 minutes on a Saturday morning.

So after my blazing start I had a less than stellar finish.

and here I am in my fat glory. I do need to lose like 20 pounds  these days!  I was So so angry!

I remain that way!

But we did get to the beach after and so I got to forget about it for a while.

thats me crouched down trying not to get wiped out by the wave.

and here are my feet.
So that was my personal worst time for the year.  I went to the massage tent and a strange massage therapist loosened up my calf and commented that it felt “really super tight”  She was nice and gave some advice on using the foam roller with the calf…. hope that will help.

Not so happy at this point.  I did learn that I am capable of running fast, for a mile or so…just not for a whole 5K!






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