30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

I heart Skeletor

Well, heart may be a strong word.  I am feeling very secure in this coaching arrangement.

I sent Skeletor a message regarding my disaster.  I tried to keep it to the point and to not give tons of excuses. I mean, it is what I did.  We can all think of so many races that we have messed up, and well…we messed it up.  Every time someone has a bad race they like to say things like, “I hurt my toe”, I couldn’t see too well, my stomach hurt…  But oddly when we have a good race, we have also a lot of the time hurt our toes, had a tummy ache, or forgot our glasses.   I usually chalk up a bad race to poor training.  In this case, I actually was prepared to run 3.1 miles, but I had not really thought about pacing, and I did not know I was capable of that speed, so I never considered what to do if that happened!  I mean really.  Well, I felt all the world like THIS for most of the day today and yesterday.  The beach trip helped.  My friends helped.  but nothing really helped until this.  His reply to my email.

I think that you could gone faster than you did, but your mind set got you off track. Controlling the mind and it’s affects on performance is a billion dollar industry! 
You had a great first mile! Congrats!
I have gone out too fast and blown races many times… Oh well. We all learn race paving each time we do it. Each race and each distance must be learned.
You frequently use self defeating phrases that must be eliminated from speech. I have been guilty of that most of my life and it cost me dearly. 
Rarely do people race well when ‘nervous’. People race well only when confident and relaxed. Unless they are running from a pit bull….
When the monkey chatter starts in your mind about what others expectations are or what they think, you have to silence it. They do not matter. I do not matter, your friends do not matter. Anyone who says anything judgmental about your running should be told to keep quiet. 
I’m proud that you got out there and did it. 
There will be races that you have stellar training for , but do terrible in. I’ve seen it hundreds of times in me and other athletes.  Regroup and go on to the next one.
Next time let’s try using a specific schedule for times to run for pacing each half mile.
We need to revisit the strength training so you can hold the pace.
And develop a list of things specifically on race and workout days to focus on to keep the mind calm. 
You can do it.
I started to feel better.
There is something to that.
In addition, there is something to him being able to take what I did and spell out what could be different the next time, and offer me help with it rather than just tell me to entirely forget about it.  I can do something with this, and it looks like I will.  I’m really pleased with my decision.  It’s a funny thing how things come around and go around…I still feel really really kind of blah about the race, but… I feel like I can focus on moving forward now.  I actually think that whatever I may face, this coach can face it with me, not blow it off, or hope it goes away.  Worth it.  100% worth it.  


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