30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Pre-Race jitters.


I have not had pre-race jitters in forever.

I have a measly little 5K tomorrow.  Thing is, Skeletor wants to see what I can lay down.

I felt ok about it, until I went to the track today for some Pick ups.

My right calf started to hurt like crazy and be very tight and my run to begin with was a total shuffle.  Things hurt.  In a way that made me want to stop immediately.

I guess it loosened up a little, but wow the track is SO flat, kind of felt really wierd to run and even though I was going pretty fast, I could not seem to get going at all. I felt as if I was moving in Slo-mo.

And my calf hurt.   I did the 4 repeats of a 5 second pickup, or what I thought was a 5 second pick up and bam went home.

I want to do really well in the race, but.  I suspect it might not be a really awesome race for me.  Stupidly, I don’t want to tell Skeletor if it is a terrible time.  I will be SO embarrassed.  It’s one thing to lay down a horrific time and laugh it off, and say, “I did it for fun!”  It’s another to have to report it to Skeletor and know he plans to base a lot of training on this one 3 mile race..

lets all think great thoughts for me.



  1. I’m sure it went AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Oh KARA! It was AWFUL! truly horrific, I got to crash and burn, spectacularly!

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