30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Success or Failure?

I ran a “long run” today.  I failed to hit the distance.

Yet, I still feel it to be successful.

On Monday, I should have some sort or new training plan.

So I have to admit, I was sort of feeling a bit “holiday-ish”

In addition, a close friend is very ill, and this has taken up a great deal of my time and focus. I’m tired out from it and I admit I’m really sad and scared.

I woke up today and was going to meet a friend for a run on the local “clay trail”  We were going to do the whole loop- which is ten miles.

It’s soft dirt on a clay road.  It has hills.  I know I know Florida does not have hills.  bear with me.

Does that look like no Hills?  Oh we gots hills. And mushy dirt.  Running in dirt is great, BUT the softness absorbs a lot of energy, so it can be more intense than regular road running. 

My speedy friend agreed to meet me, and we started out.  Last time I ran on the Clay road, I wore my Saucony Mirages.    They are really road/race shoes.  No traction.  This time, I tried out the Brooks Pure Cadence.    I’ve had not so great luck with the Cadence’s.  They are pretty but in the past they have kind of had a straining feeling on my calves.  This time though, they worked out pretty good.

We ran.  I was feeling tired already, and also kind of negative, since my last run on the trail was not so great.

This time was kind of tough as well, but better.  Firstly I ran up most of the hills.  I admit I walked on some of them, but not for the whole hill.  (Except maybe one time, because it just killed me!)

We were at about mile 1.7 when a car came by and slowed down…and 2 other runners leaned out to let us know that there was a very bad storm coming soon.  This is a great community that way.  We kind of shrugged and kept running.  It rains differently in Florida.  Generally it rains for about 6 minutes and then the sun comes out.  I admit, I kept trying to get my running buddy to turn around, I was so tired and I was a little embarrassed about my inability to keep going.

After a little bit though, we started to notice some really loud thunder, and some wind and lightening.  Lightening is not good.  We decided to turn it around and do 5 instead.  Except, that right at 2.5 was a hill.  So, of course, I got tricked into running up the hill first.  We ended up running total of 5.5

After we turned around I did for some reason better, may have been because there was more downhill, or something else.  We did go up some bigger hills.  I put my headphones in and listened to some French-African Pop and some Mexican Cumbias. As far as I know, it’s safe to hit the link if you want to know what Cumbia is.  Don’t know why but the still they give is more sexy than the music.

I put my head down and just kept running.  I wanted to get up the hill and take a break.  But I was afraid if I looked at the hill, I would stop.  Well.  I killed off two hills that way, apparently, but the time I looked up, I was about a half mile away from where I looked down.  Not a great way to enjoy a run, but a very effective way for me to get up the hills.

As we approached our cars, the rain started to just pour down.  We had made the right decision, and had had great timing.

So it was not 10 miles, it was 5.5.  It wasn’t that fast either, but somehow I feel like it was just perfect for this week.

In this week, I have managed 41 miles of training, not all of it running.

I feel much better than I have in a while physically, and I am curious to see what the new training plan brings.

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