30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

New Coaching.

So It is official, I have a new coach of sorts.

I call him Skeletor.

He is my old Physical Therapist, and an Ultra Runner, Ultra Swimmer, and all around smart person.  On top of that, he is a Christian of the type I admire.  In other words, he actually tries to live a life based on Jesus’ teaching.  There’s a lot about him to appreciate.  He does not really look like Skeletor, but for some reason when I was going through Physical Therapy, in my head he became Skeletor, and you know sometimes names stick.

I am rather freaked out by the switch.  I wanted it badly.  Skeletor helped me go from walking with a somewhat unsteady gait to running a new PR half Marathon.  So who better?  Everything he has ever asked me to do I have done, sometimes not so nicely, but I did it, and I got results.  So. Be careful what you wish for right?

Today I bring him the list of races I want to do.  I forgot the Ragnar Relay, but it’s only 16.3 miles over 3 legs in January, not a 40 mile run.   On it I had   2 half Marathons November and December.  The December one I want to run a new post surgical PR… The Tallahassee Marathon, and I got a little wild thinking I’d want to do The Ironmaster’s challenge In May.  (Just now I read about scrambling up an 80 degree rock slab, so my enthusiasm is gone for that!  rock and I have issues).

He looked at it and said very softly, The first two races are fine.  (The Half Marathons).  We debated some of the other races a bit and then discussed my pace problem.

I told him my pace problem was surely related to my weight.  He agreed, and handed me 2 10 pound weights and asked if I wanted to run a 5K with either one…nope I don’t.

My only true “A” race is Comrades Marathon

Or if you prefer

He knows this.  Currently with the shape I am in, Comrades is out.   I told him I thought maybe I needed to accept that I won’t run it.  He said no, “You can do it”  But I can not do it for June 2013.   June 2014 is a down year…terrible for my hip and my knees.  So It looks like I am actually now training for June 2015.  Wow.  Talk about a long term training plan.

Skeletor seems to never want to tell me “no” directly, but, I explained to him that I gave him control over this and that he could say no.  So he proceeded to say a lot of No, probably no, and also a lot of let’s see.

Then he proceeded to see right through me.

Firstly we talked about pace.  My long run paces have been horrific, its cooled off and I am getting better.  At least he went off my 5K time that is recent, and is working on that.

Then we talked about “junk miles”  I’ve been helping a friend return to form and her running is really slow.  I like doing the run with her because it’s more of a walk, and a shake out than anything.  Plus, it is FUN and social.  She says she is really enjoying them.  He said, Probably no… this is the only thing I am really unhappy about, and I am going to see if he will help me to modify it so we can run together.

Then we talked about Nutrition.  I told him the generic “I have a problem with food”  It’s kind of a code, sort of like, “I’m a friend of Bill’s”  People in the know get it.  Skeletor is not totally in the know. So we fiddled with me trying to curl into a ball spitting out words like nails saying that I was “working on it and it is improving”  I finally spit out that I have Osteopenia of the spine, and he said, “OK, I get it now.”  I’m to actually bring him my food diary.  Well thank goodness I’ve been kind of eating better.  He looked at me and said, you know, there’s a medium out there.  I’m encouraged that he did not put the brakes on at that moment.  He just said, OK, we can deal with it.

Next up is Resting HR.  I am to track it. I do kind of keep track of it.  Back in 2008 at the lower point of my “problem with food” my HR was at about 43.  It’s now about 56-58.  But NOW…I have to take it in the morning, and if it is at all elevated from 58, to say 64… NO Training on that day whatsover.

I panicked.  I like to train.  (Not everything but in general, I like the gym).  I kind of argued with him for about 8 seconds, and then decided to see if it gets elevated at all.  If it jumps up a lot I will have a problem.  But I have a feeling he knows it won’t.  his concern for the elevation is that it apparently indicates early illness.  I wanted to spend time arguing about it, but then I realised I need to see first exactly what it is daily.

So he will work on this over the weekend, I am to run my regular miles (10 fat ones)  and then get a 2 week plan of action with him.  Every couple of week we will do a workout together, strength or running, and we will see how this goes.


How do I feel?   Kind of strange.  Kind of encouraged.  I feel like I shared more information than I wanted to, and that for this I may have to be more vulnerable than I would normally choose to be. And I do not like it one bit.

The other feeling I have is Wow.  Someone is willing to look at my nutrition, my speeds, my general fitness, take my injury into account, and HELP me.

So I gotta admit, I am not so sure what to think.  Part of me wants all that control back.  I want to have my plan back and just continue it.  Another part of me is really open and excited…So we shall see…





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