30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Change of plans

I got a call from my physician last night    (Yes I have a great doctor).  He had a cancellation and wanted to see me today.  Of course in the morning.  Since he is hard to get into and I am having some problems, I said, OK!

Of course that threw off my plan to run 10 miles entirely.  I probably could have done it, but I would have been nervous and worried about timing.

Yesterday I did a bunch of housework, got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor…for reals.  But eventually I got bored, and truth be told, a little lonely.  So, I headed to the gym.   I didn’t really do anything there that I could not have done at home, but it was good to be OUT among the living.

I stretched and foam rolled and used the 2 kg ball for rolling stubborn spots.  I felt awful.  I have somehow developed a pain in the back outer part of my knee that extends to my upper calf and lower hammy.  It’s like nothing I have felt before and I am sorely tempted to blame the Massage therapist on creating it.  She did not…in fact, she is responsible for opening up my hip flexors and psoas so I can function.

I slept in full on compression shorts and sleeves.

I got up and was really cranky. I was still fairly sore.

But…I ran 4 miles anyway.  I was able to run the first two really well, and felt good doing it, somewhere mid 3 I started to feel kind of sore and should have stopped, but you know it’s such an amateur thing to go on when in pain, and I’m an amateur.  So I finished out the 4.

So for this week here is the plan:

Monday  4 miles (done)  30 min of strength training, DONE.  Evening, run walk with friend.  Expect it to be a lot of walk.

Tuesday: sleep in , REST.  PM Massage.

Wednesday: Intervals at night with Brooke on TM.  Or progressive run….

Thursday: Cycle strength in the PM.

Friday: run 3.5

Sat rest…

Sunday: run 10 miles.  Whoo.

THen next week:

Monday:  rest day  cycle in PM.

Tuesday run 4.5 miles

Wednesday pm:  PRogressive run

Thursday: REST strength and cycle

Friday rest

Saturday:  run 3.10 and 11?

Sunday rest.

I have a 5K on Saturday.  And I am supposed to run 11.  How to manage the two especially because we are all ride sharing to the 5K…

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