30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Progressive/Tempo run.

I have had a very sore right calf this week.  I chose not to run this morning, mostly because I was fairly distressed by my Massage Therapist’s conversation with me yesterday.  After that conversation I had this idea that I was headed for certain disaster…I had adopted a certain fatalistic feeling, which was not entirely pessimistic…because…

So.  Luckily it was an extremely busy and fun day at work, and my normal lunch eating was interrupted by Acromobacter and afevers to extremes and Citrobacter.

So I ate tolerably well and never had time to be hungry.

I had a surprise at the gym, I had won the Olympic Cardio competition at the gym!  So I got a gift card to our Pro-Shop…can not wait to spend that!!!

I saw my possible new trainer and he said, Hey congras, I saw you won!  and then he said,  “we’ll talk about the papers later ok”  And I said, “Oh Ive already gotten an earful…”  And he protested, I never even said an earful.  SO..I am starting to wonder  if some exaggeration was not involved there.  He did not seem concerned that I was headed immediately for injury…So I decided I probably wasn’t.

I had my strength training session which did not go super well.  I am just not that good at certain exercises…but I tried.  I admit also that my current trainer is working with me with very typical exercises…some times I feel these aren’t the ones I want to be doing.

At 8 pm I met a friend who is trying to get back into exercise.  She was a little bit late.  So I started without her.  I am SO nervous.  My tempo/Progressives have not gone too well, and I just kept wondering how long I could go before I had to quit.  I had learned a few lessons from my failures.  Initially when I start a tempo run I have some issues with breathing.  I don’t get into a rhythm and I tend to do a little bit of gasping, which, as an asthmatic, panics me.  So, this time I started out really SLOW,   just a few notches above walking.  This helped a great deal and I was able to run straight for 37 minutes.  At the very end I was running at or below my current 5K pace.  I was glad to finish though.  It was supposed to be 40 but it ended up being 37.  I’m still ok with it, because it was not really a tempo, where you  move up and down like a pyramid, instead I did the progressive increase.

So One run for the week done.  Ate much better today.  ONWARDS.



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