30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I think Myself, my potential new trainer, and my Massage therapist have been involved in a wicked game of telephone!


I may have also Mis-heard some things.  Grrrr.

What I heard:

!. You are headed for injury

2. you need to lose weight

3. New trainer can fix everything.


Not really sure what the Massage Therapist SAID…I can only report what I heard.

What trainer says he said,

I could change some things to help avoid injury.

I could change some things to make things more effective.

I need an actual plan for each week.  (I did not give him the plan, so I guess he thinks I just run willy nilly.)

I do need to lose the weight, we didn’t even discuss it.


So keeping up the running.  When Trainer man gets a moment to talk to me we shall see what happens. Until then, I am just running.  I am excited as we have new seal coating on the parking lot where I do a lot of running (It is a big parking lot and has big hills), so the surface is softer.

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