30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Radical Change

Looks like I am about to have a radical change in my training plan.

My Massage Therapist and my former Physical Therapist have teamed up.

Not too surprising.   He referred me to her.

I don’t think he expected she and I to become friends.  We did.  We hang around together, I play with her daughter, we plan trips together, and go out to eat…

And at least once a week, she tries to fix the pains of the week.  Sometimes she is extremely successful, sometimes..not as much.

She is a great MT.

My PT, is a really special person to me.  It’s hard to put into words how much gratitude I feel.  When we teamed up, I was a bitter, injured person.  He helped me to focus, and really increase my strength and ability, producing multiple PR’s.  I was really really sad to go back to my “gym coach”  who just isn’t as good.

I expressed some frustration to him the other day and he told me he’d look at my plan.

He told MT today that I was “doing it all wrong”  and it looks like I’m headed for another injury.  He didn’t tell me this.  but of course I have not seen him.  He does apparently want to train me…but…..

Worst part is that I need to lose about 15 pounds.  I had lost them after surgery, but then with the job switch the pounds came back…I’ve been struggling with this one, and not doing very well with it.  He and my MT had a nice long discussion about what has become of the weight….and so I got a lecture of fruits and vegetables from the MT.  I’m good with the fruits and veg, but I have had a stress eating issue with Ben and Jerry, my bad friends.  The funny thing is that I have struggled with food for years…and thought I had finally conquered it… Ha ha ha.  Now,  the issues that reared their head back in 2008  are back!  Like Chucky the doll!

So… not feeling too comfortable in my skin at the moment!


  1. Susan

    Have something to say, but in the interest of keeping my head on my shoulders where it belongs, I’ll let it go!

    • too funny! But I do need to lose about 20 pounds. It just keeps coming on. Having someone else talk to me about it, instead of pretending it wasn’t there, will hopefully help me stick to a more healthful eating regime!


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