30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

9 mile burn

Yes, I managed my nine miler today.

Our “hurricane”  Tropical Storm is turning into a Non-event for us.  This is of course simply because I purchased the requisite hurricane supplies.  Every time I get in the least bit prepared, Nothing happens.

I had an inkling of this because when I was running today, I saw tons of wildlife, acting quite normal.  I reasoned if we were about to get hit with high winds and rain, that the Great Blue Herons and White herons would not be casually picking at the water edges.  The only thing odd was there seemed to be a bunch of alligators making quite a lot of noise

it is fairly distinct….if you have heard it before.   It is not mating season, so who knows what was going on, but there was a large fence, so I just kept going.

The run was not the best.  I had had a long and very difficult “massage” yesterday.  My Massage therapist is not very traditional.  She uses those glass cups as well as a few other techniques.  The end result is great, the mid-result is a lot of pain and me yelling.  End result of the massage was an Ice Bath, and then I was able to actually sleep really well.  I woke up with lots of bruises, but feeling much better.

So I got out there and ran.  I wanted to stop at mile 2 and had almost convinced myself to do a 6 miler instead, since my training has not been that great in the past few weeks.  Oddly, at about mile 3 a man passed me.  He seemed to be running right at my pace so I used him and paced off him.  At mile 3 he and I both stopped and walked.  I had a gel and water and then started to run again.  I passed him…then he passed me…he asked “What pattern are you running”  All my start and stop must have looked like a strange perversion of the Galloway technique!  I admitted, “No pattern”  I just run and walk when I feel it.  Well, strangely enough we apparently were both running 9 miles.  Sooo I passed him, he passed me.  I breathe like a freight train so I am sure he let me pass him.  He was very encouraging, and every time he passed me he told me to keep going!  After the run he approached me and we chatted for a while, this is why running is fun.  Why it was not fun, well…My legs did keep burning up with what may be leftover Lactic acid from the massage.  I know it is not there 2 hours after the massage, but I wonder if my muscles decided to release it as I ran….any way, it was quite a electrifying experience…

Will do up my plan for next week.  This run was not perfect, but it was slightly faster than my 8, so I am feeling encouraged.

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  1. Well done with your distance! Keep it up!

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