30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Hip Pain

My left hip is KILLING me.  My entire leg Quad/hip/glute complex.  I did essentially miss with Mona as she was behind in clients, gave me 15 very painful mins of massage and then left quickly to make a Doctors appointment.


I have some hopes that she can fix this on Saturday….BUT… Sadly until then, it is bothering me.


I can not decide if I should run the speed work or rest.

I’m using my High Compression shorts today and will be foam rolling and stretching.


May try to spin on “lite” settings to see if that helps- spinning lubricates the hip joint…they say.

I hate feeling this much pain, it makes me very concerned for this year’s running plans.


  1. Susan

    Speedwork exacerbates whatever is bothering you, so NO…don’t do it! You still have time…the race isn’t next week. Breathe! 😉

    • mizunogirl

      too late, I did it! My hip after compression and early morning motrin was feeling superb this afternoon. By the 5th 400, I had had it. My hip hurt and I felt kind of bad. well…I got some done…and after rolling, the hip seems no worse for wear. ugh.

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