30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Recovery run

I wasn’t really planning this 3.5 as a recovery run, but coming on the heels of my Longer run, it was sort f by definition a recovery run.

It sure wasn’t that fun.

Recovery Runs really have very little to do with recovery.  They do, however, allow your body to get used to running on tired legs.   Why bother?   Well  tired legs is what EVERYONE has during the last 6 miles of a Marathon.  So the more a body is used to doing this…the better the end of a long race can be.  All the blah blah blah about lactic acid flushing is apparently not really true.   Check the link above for the real skinny on recovery running….

Yep. My legs were super tired today.  I even wore compression sleeves.

I felt like this guy minus the helmet, right after the run.  I even entertained a few moments of vomiting thoughts.  It was not an easy run, despite the happy term, “recovery”.

All that said, I did think a great deal about the last leg of the marathon race.  As well as the wiseness of this run as my surgical hip started to really bother me around mile 2.  I probably should have stopped, but that kind of judgement mid run, is not quite in me.  Icing it now and I think it will also recover.

Rest day tomorrow!!!!!!!!


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