30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Week 4 done, on to Week 5

Not so thrilled lately with the way training has been going.  Work and my social life seem to be getting in the way a bit of my training.  Of course, work provides me with money, and being a bit social is also important.  This week should be much quieter, I do not have major meetings or anything.

On tap for Week 5.

Speed work 7 times 400m

3.5 miles

4 miles

9 miles.

I am still neglecting strength work.  I managed one session last week with the trainer.  So here is the PLAN.

Monday:  run 3.5 in the am  Do cycling and strength in the PM

Tuesday:  cycle in the am.  Massage in the PM

Wednesday: speed work. 400 m repeats  Strength with trainer in the PM

Thursday: 4 miles in the am.

Friday: cycle, Strength.

Saturday:  Cycle, rest

Sunday: 9 more miles….

lets see how close I stick to this.  Everything hinges on me being able to actually execute a run tomorrow morning after Sunday’s run.

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