30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Well, that run…

Was not the best!!!

I intended to run 3.5 today in the morning.

Morning came, and I hit snooZe For 2 hours straight.  I really though I was just about to get up.  but the alarm started at 0400 and I finally got out of bed at about 06:30 am.  Kind of terrible.

My week at work was intense.  I had to present at a Critical Care meeting, which went fairly well, but was stressful…We had a submission deadline and people seemed to loose their minds over it. I know I did.  and then On Thursday, we had yet another meeting, the one that I run, so that was also stressful.  In addition, a very nice man was here in Florida and wanted to take me out, so we were spending some time together, soooo,  my whole schedule was thrown off!

So thats my excuse.  I WAS tired.

Post work today I decided to give the TM some more of my time.

for those that don’t live here in Florida….afternoon runs are really HOT, so the treadmill is a sensible alternative.

I wanted to try again at a tempo run.  Again I like a fool started too fast.  And again at about 20 minutes, it was too fast.  I regrouped and finished the 3.5  and really I am OK with it.

I have one more big run, the LONG run left this week, and It will then be a success, at least I’ll have done all the runs with appropriate rest inbetween.

Looks Like I will be adding a few races more to the schedule!


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