30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Tempo? maybe?

Well.  I started out wanting to do a Progressive run.  I prefer that to the idea of the traditional tempo pyramid of speed.

I got to about 20 mins and suddenly, I was not able to hold the tempo.  I was to do 35 mins  My plan was to do like the week before, start and increase the speed by .1 every 5 minutes.  Well I got to 20 mins.  I think my error may have been in starting at a speed that was slightly faster than the last time I did this.  So…I was going to increase speed and time.  I should have just increased time.

At any rate for the last 15 mins I ended up doing intervals that were not really planned out, and so Lots of frustration this morning.

THe part that did feel good was that I sweated tons.  I feel tired, and like I got in a good run.  the part that feels bad is the part of me that sees the time that is all jacked up…and the fact that I did not execute my plan.

I’ll be doing a lot more tempo runs in the future.  lesson learned, start a wee bit slower and I’ll be able to warm up (or whatever!) and hold on longer.

Time to shake off the feeling of disappointment and move on.  I still have 3 more miles in the bank.



  1. Susan

    I know you know this, and your last sentences tells the tale. “3 more miles in the bank”. That’s what it’s all about at this point, just miles on your feet. Plus, a less than perfect day gives you something to shoot for next time.

    What I wouldn’t give for less humidity! One day…!

    • Part of what I have realised is that each week I am learning something new. Hopefully, using the knowledge, instead of kind of ignoring it (no one ever does that right?) will translate into a good race in February. I am having a lot of fun along the way.

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