30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

This weeks training in review.

This week, my training was really really Off.

It started with the 7 mile run on the clay trail.  Followed the very next day by speed work on the Treadmill.  Followed by an intense need (not surprisingly) to rest.  None of that would have been a problem except I had a 5K that I needed to run, and so shifting things around was less possible than normal.

So I give this weeks efforts about a C-

Thats my training for the week.

It looks like 20 miles, but this includes biking and anything else.

I did the speed work on Monday… on Tuesday I recovered.  On Wednesday, I had blood work drawn and my run failed once due to not wanting to do it and second time round because of hail. The 7 miles is biking, and then the 3 was the 5K.  I decided to just give up today and not bother with running 3 or 3.5  I would have to do it on the treadmill and…well, I don’t want to make it a habit of jumping on the mill, as training on the mill isn’t that great for me.  I might do a little mill work today but…I want to actually think about resting the legs a bit, as I feel one tiny area of shin pain that is you know, “MY SIGN”

I also only did ONE strength workout.  It was a good good one, but..I need at least 2.  I will be doing one later today and I want to always have Sunday as a strength day because of the fact that it is easy to use the gym on a Sunday. Edited, I did have an excellent strength workout today so good on me.  Cycled some, but avoided the running…

So Here’s to success in week three.

I need to do 2 runs of 3.5 miles each

an 8 mile run

and a 35 min tempo run.

Here’s the plan.

Monday: Tempo Run early on TM.  Dinner with Friend.

Tuesday: Cycle and strength in the morning.  Massage at night

Wednesday:  3.5 in am  5:00 fitness training with H.  (We have fought in the past so we have agreed to give it a go again, and hopefully, fingers crossed…all will be well. He is “the one” to help me but..)

Thursday : Cycle and maybe swim.

Friday: 3.5 in the am.  Strength in the PM

Saturday:  Cycle strength, SWIM

Sunday:  run 8 miles.

This week looks so much more balanced and easier. but then the next week I need to figure out how to do 2 in a row. I am thinking actually that maybe doing a recovery run the day after speed work may work.  We’ll see.

I also am thinking of doing a return to the West Orange trail for my long run as it is flatter.  But.  Flat gets you nowhere.

We’ll see.  I’d like to have an A plus week this week.

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